Blow In The Cartdridge - Mikey Whiplash vs Liam Thomson
By Scott Reid
Posted On 03-03-2015 21:30 GMT
Tags: Liam Thomson , Mikey Whiplash

Insane Championship Wrestling is home to some of the most talented wrestlers in the world today, and at ICW: Blow In The Cartridge, fans will have the opportunity to see two of the absolute best go toe-to-toe inside the 02 Academy Newcastle, as Mikey Whiplash goes to war against ‘Bad Boy’ Liam Thomson.

Unpredictable, dangerous and always eccentric, Mikey Whiplash has been striking fear into the hearts of his opponents since the moment he arrivedin ICW. Able to adapt to almost any situation, Whiplash can brawl with the absolute best of them, or grapple with the finest wrestlers on the planet. The all-round package, Mikey is rarely out-performed in the ICW ring, but over the last few months, the face-painted warrior of Legion has been thrown somewhat off his game. Seemingly being targeted by some as-yet unseen entity, Whiplash has constantly been looking over his shoulder, but as a result, he has suffered a number of losses to various opponents. With his silent tormentor still out there, Whiplash is growing angrier and more unsettled by the minute, which may spell trouble, not only for the unseen force, but for anyone who crosses Mikey’s path. With a psyche that is permanently on the verge of shattering completely, Mikey’s tormenter may find it’s not wise to poke at the Devil with a stick, lest you feel his wrath. In Newcastle however, Mikey will have to get his head back in the game, as he takes on one of ICW’s very best, Liam Thomson.

Naturally gifted in the ring, with a mean streak a mile long, ‘Bad Boy’ Liam Thomson has long been a staple of Insane Championship Wrestling. Never without ‘The Pipebomb Queen’ Carmel, Liam is not in ICW to make friends. He is all about achieving victory, and making it to the top of the ladder, and he has all the skills necessary to get there. The last time ICW made it’s way to Newcastle, Liam came within an arm’s reach of becoming ICW Heavyweight Champion, but even in defeat, the fans could not deny the ‘Bad Boys’ talent, with many stating that they had never seen him perform better. Since then, Liam has only grown as a competitor, and is looking to pick up yet another huge victory on his road to the top. With the smarts to take advantage of Mikey Whiplash’s current issues, Liam could very well take out the former ICW Heavyweight Champion, and add another massive name to his list of victims.

Can Mikey Whiplash overcome his latest demons, and defeat the Edinburgh-born Bad Boy? Or will Liam Thomson do what he does best, and use Mikey’s recent situation to his advantage, on the road to victory? No matter what happens, this match will showcase the finest professional wrestling that ICW has to offer.

ICW: Blow In the Cartridge takes place at the 02 Academy Newcastle, on Saturday March 28th. Tickets are available now at,, and the 02 Academy Box Office.

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