Blow In The Cartdridge - Polo Promotions vs Global Bollocks
By Scott Reid
Posted On 03-03-2015 13:17 GMT
Tags: Jackie Polo , Joe Hendry , Kenny Williams , Mark Coffey

ICW: Blow In the Cartridge, taking place on Saturday March 28th at the 02 Academy Newcastle, is shaping up to be an extremely impressive card, but what would it be without the ICW Tag Team Championships being defended?

The reigning ICW Tag Team Champions, Polo Promotions, have stated they are the dawning of the ‘new division’ of Insane Championship Wrestling’s tag ranks. Since winning the titles, Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo have only had a handful of title defenses, but with every much, they continue to look more and more impressive, proving themselves to truly a championship-level tandem. With Jackie’s cunning mind, and Coffey’s seemingly limitless in-ring talent, Polo Promotions possess a chemistry unlike many others, with the pair seemingly knowing what each other is thinking at every moment. That chemistry will no doubt stand them in good stead for a long time, but on March 28th, they will need to bring their A-game, as they defend the ICW Tag Team Championships against the unlikely, yet highly effective team of Joe Hendry, and the ICW Zero-G Champion Kenny Williams.

During their days as part of the Kennedy Administration, Joe Hendry and Kenny Williams were far from friends, constantly bickering and arguing with each other. However, over time, a mutual respect began to form between the two young stars, as they faced each other a number of times in show-stealing performances. With their respect for one and other now built, Hendry and Williams have put their past behind them, and have become the unlikeliest of allies, Teaming together, alongside Noam Dar, last month, the make-shift team now known as ‘Global Bollocks’ proved to be phenomenal pairing, with Williams speed being complemented greatly by Hendry’s strength, leading them to a victory. Impressed by their performance, ICW GM Red Lightning has now officially booked Global Bollocks in an ICW Tag Team Championship match against Polo Promotions, when Insane Championship Wrestling returns to Newcastle.

Can the defending champions Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey take out yet another ‘entry-level’ team, and remain at the top of their ‘New Division’? Or will Global Bollocks shock the world, and take the gold from around the waists of their cocky opponents? Either way, this will surely be a match that will leave fans speechless.

ICW: Blow In the Cartridge takes place at the 02 Academy Newcastle, on Saturday March 28th. Tickets are available now at,, and the 02 Academy Box Office.

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