Blow In The Cartdridge - Grado vs Kid Fite
By Scott Reid
Posted On 03-03-2015 13:11 GMT
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Grado just can’t seem to catch a break lately. After months of torment at the hands of Sha Samuels, Grado’s problems increased five-fold at the Fourth Annual Square Go when he became the target of James R. Kennedy’s new unit, The 55. Comprised of Kennedy, Martin Kirby, Timmy Wylie, Sha Samuels, and Grado’s supposed friend Kid Fite, The 55 obliterated the ultimate underdog, eliminating him from the Square Go and dragging him out of the venue, assaulting him further. Since that night, The 55 has expressed motivations publicly to the ICW fans; they want Grado gone. Believing he steals the spotlight and the money from competitors like themselves, The 55 will not stop until Grado is gone for good.

Now, at ICW: Blow In The Cartridge, at the 02 Academy Newcastle on Saturday March 28th, Grado will get his chance at some redemption, as he is scheduled to take on the man who turned his back on him back in January, Kid Fite. A fiercely loyal man, Grado would rather see defeat at the hands of an opponent, than turn his back on a friend, making Kid Fite’s betrayal all that more painful for Grado to deal with, but with the battle lines drawn, and the sides chosen, its survival of the fittest. If Grado hopes to survive in ICW, he will have to fight through his disappointment and face his former friend in Newcastle on March 28th. Can he overcome his violent opponent, however?

Kid Fite has made a career out of being one of the toughest, most dangerous men in all of British Wresting. An ICW Original, Kid Fite has been with the company through it’s darkest days, and knows exactly what it takes to survive in the harsh environment of Insane Championship Wrestling. Now with the back-up of The 55, Kid Fite may be more dangerous than ever, and he will almost certainly use their association to his advantage, should he get the chance. Dead-set on removing Grado once and for all from ICW, and rising to take his place, Kid Fite is out to prove that 2015 is his time to shine, and he will stop at nothing to do just that, even at the expense of his former friend.

This extremely personal match will see two men, once friends, battle it out in the 02 Academy Newcastle. One seeks vengeance, while another looks to make a very loud statement. Who will walk out of Newcastle with their hand raised? The only way to find out is by not missing the next stop of the Insane Entertainment System Tour!

ICW Blow In The Cartridge takes place at the 02 Academy Newcastle on Saturday March 28th. Tickets are available now at and the 02 Academy Box Office

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