Blow In The Cartdridge - The Bucky Boys vs The 55
By Scott Reid
Posted On 03-03-2015 13:37 GMT
Tags: Davey Blaze , Kid Fite , Sha Samuels , Stevie Boy

The ICW Tag Team division has long been one of the most exciting and competitive divisions in modern professional wrestling. With so many different teams all vying to become the champions, tag team contests are often highlights of ICW events. At ICW: Blow In The Cartridge on Saturday March 28th, fans will witness a match between the long-time standard bearers of the tag division, and a destructive new force, ready to take their place at the top of the ladder.

The Bucky Boys are staples of the ICW Tag Team Division, and have been for a number of years now. Building the division into what it is today, alongside long-time rivals The STI, Stevie Boy and Davey Boy are undoubtedly two of the most popular stars In ICW history, despite still being very young men in the wrestling business. A perfect combination of speed, strength, and fearlessness, Davey and Stevie have grown into one of the most effective teams, not only in ICW, but in all of professional wrestling. Injuries, however, have halted The Bucky Boys momentum on a number of occasions, and now, they are looking to climb back to the top of the ICW Tag Team Division, where many believe they so rightfully belong. To get there though, they will have to fight their way through a new and diverse tag team division, and at ICW: Blow In The Cartridge, they will be facing a team who they have never stepped into the ring with before; The 55’s Timm Wylie and Martin Kirby.

Since aligning, under the influence of James R. Kennedy, back at the Fourth Annual Square Go, The 55 have been terrifyingly dominant throughout ICW, taking no prisoners in their quest to get to the top of the food chain. With each member of the unit bringing something unique to the table, The 55 are a well-oiled wrecking machine, and show very little signs of weakness in their ranks. In Newcastle, ‘The Consequence’ Timm Wylie, and Martin Kirby will take on the Bucky Boys for the first time ever, looking to wipe out the much-loved team. Wylie has shown recently that his strength is matched only by his ferocity, making him a very dangerous opponent indeed. As for Kirby, he possesses lightning quick speed, as well a mean streak that will serve him all too well in Insane Championship Wrestling. A combination not unlike that of The Bucky Boys, it may be The 55’s lack of remorse and mercy that ultimately leads them to victory.

For the first time ever, the Bucky Boys meet The 55, within the confines of the 02 Academy Newcastle. Can Stevie and Davey get back on the track to becoming ICW Tag Team Champions once again? Or will Timm Wylie and Martin Kirby pick up yet another dominating victory to add to The 55’s resume?

ICW: Blow In the Cartridge takes place at the 02 Academy Newcastle, on Saturday March 28th. Tickets are available now at,, and the 02 Academy Box Office.

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