Sabu - Carnage in the Capital
By Scott Reid
Posted On 22-01-2015 20:58 GMT
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With ICW’s Insane Entertainment System tour officially announced, anticipation appears to be building like wild-fire for Insane Championship Wrestling’s next trip around the UK. The top names from ICW are confirmed to appear on the run of shows, which will see ICW hit everywhere, from Newcastle to Birmingham. While we will be making our way to some new cities on this tour, we will also be returning to some familiar territories, one of which is the capital itself, London.

Sunday, April 19th, we will make our way to London for the third time to host ICW: Alex Kidd in London, which will come to you live for the first time ever from the beautiful KOKO in Camden. Names such as ICW Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway, Grado, and ‘The East End Butcher’ Sha Samuels are already slated to appear, but the arrival of one man that evening could spell trouble for anyone unlucky enough to cross.

Making his official return to ICW on April 19th is ‘The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying’ Sabu, who showed some very dark colours the last time he appeared in Insane Championship Wrestling.

Competing in a Fatal Four Way match for the ICW Heavyweight Championship against Jack Jester, Wolfgang and Chris Renfrew at ICW: Still Smokin’, Sabu had already built a mutual respect with Jester after their previous encounter at ICW: ‘Dave’s Not Here, Man!’ in Edinburgh (available to watch now on ICW On Demand), but seemed determined to walk out as the champion, no matter what. Unfortunately for Sabu, it was not to be, as Jack Jester was able to retain his title that night. Post-match, the human highlight reel appeared to show respect to the fighting champion, but admiration quickly turned to insanity, as Sabu suddenly snapped, viciously assaulting Jester in front of the fans. Ripping Jester’s head to shreds with his own corkscrew, before brutalising him with a chair and dropping a ladder on his broken body, Sabu had unleashed a fire inside of himself that had not been seen since his days in ECW and FMW, and put everyone on notice that the hardcore icon was certainly not done, by any stretch of the imagination.

With Sabu’s return to ICW drawing ever closer, one can only speculate as to the chaos that will ensue when he arrives. With his opportunity at the ICW Heavyweight Championship not turning out in his favour last time, will Sabu be looking for one more shot at the gold? No matter who the champion may be come April 19th, they will be in for a very long night if the human demolition derby comes calling on them. Or perhaps Sabu will pick up where he left off, and attempt to take out any challengers to his hardcore crown. Chris Renfrew has recently claimed to be ‘The most hardcore motherfucker on the planet’, and we will be in Jimmy Havoc’s hometown on April 19th. Will either of these men be on Sabu’s hit-list as ICW returns to London?

No-one can truly know Sabu’s motives until he arrives in London, but no matter how unpredictable he may be, one thing we can almost guarantee is that, be it his own, or someone else’s, blood will stain the ring at the KOKO on Sunday April 19th at ICW: Alex Kidd In London.

ICW: Alex Kidd in London takes place at the KOKO in London on Sunday April 19th 2015. Tickets are available now at

You can also re-live Sabu’s past two appearances in Insane Championship Wrestling, at ICW: Dave’s Not Here, Man and ICW: Still Smokin, exclusively on ICW On Demand. Subscribe to ICW On Demand for £3.75 a month ($5.99) by heading over to

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