Kenny Williams Vs. Noam Dar
By Scott Reid
Posted On 21-01-2015 23:41 GMT
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Last month at ICW: Spacebaws - Episode V – Bill Murray Strikes Back (available to view now on ICW On Demand), ICW Zero-G Champion Kenny Williams was confronted in the ring by former 2-time ICW Zero-G Champion Noam Dar, who had a challenge to throw out to ‘The Bollocks’. Having travelled all over the UK together, and formed a strong friendship, Kenny and Noam have engaged in a friendly rivalry in all aspects of their wrestling lives, yet they have never squared off against one and other in Insane Championship Wrestling. Looking to finally see who was the truly deserving ICW Zero-G Champion, Noam requested a shot Kenny’s title at the next Spacebaws event. However, Spacebaws GM, Red Lightning, vetoed the idea, stating that the last thing his brand needed was friends being pitted against each other.

Mark Dallas, however, appeared to be listening when this challenge was thrown out, and has confirmed that, at ICW: Liu Kang Wins on Sunday February 15th, Kenny Williams will defend the ICW Zero-G Championship against Noam Dar for the first time at Fat Sams in Dundee.

Since becoming the ICW Zero-G Champion, Kenny Williams has been on a roll, taking on any and all challengers to his coveted title. As exciting a star as you will find on the Insane Championship Wrestling roster, Kenny has left audiences up and down the country dazzled with his displays of fast-paced, aerial offence, and never say die attitude. Now though, the young man affectionately dubbed ‘The Bollocks’ may face his biggest challenge to date as he faces the former 2-time, and first ever, Zero-G Champion, Noam Dar.

One of the best talents that Scotland has ever produced, Noam Dar is a man experienced beyond his years, having taken on, and defeated, some the absolute best in the world. Becoming the first ever ICW Zero-G Champion back in 2010, Noam has become somewhat of a figurehead in the Zero-G division, standing as a constant example of what it takes to truly succeed in one of the most exciting divisions in wrestling today. However, one cannot truly claim to be the man without beating the man, and right now, Kenny Williams is the man in the ICW Zero-G Division. With the experience of his previous 2 title reigns behind him, will Noam be at an advantage at ICW: Liu Kang Wins, and leave as a 3-time ICW Zero-Champion?

This is not a match built on betrayal, or bad blood, or hatred. This is simply a match to decide who the better man is, but will it be ‘The Bollocks’ or ‘The Jew-Di Master’ who walks out with their hand raised? Either way, this could potentially be one of the most exciting matches of the entire Insane Entertainment System tour!

ICW: Liu Kang Wins, part of the Insane Entertainment System tour, takes place on Sunday February 15th 2015 at Fat Sam’s in Dundee. Tickets for this event are available now at

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