Liu Kang Wins - Joe Hendry vs Mikey Whiplash
By Scott Reid
Posted On 03-02-2015 15:29 GMT
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The Fourth Annual Square Go was a night that no-one will soon forget. Every member of the ICW roster was out to steal the show, and take their place at the head of the line as ICW marches forward into 2015. Of all the competitors who waged war on January 25th though, there was one man who nobody expected to see, and who went on to make quite an impression in the Square Go match. That man’s name was Joe Hendry.

Closing out 2014, Joe Hendry faced Kenny Williams for the ICW Zero-G Championship, with his contract on the line. Despite his best efforts, Hendry fell short that night, and found his contract with James R. Kennedy terminated, much to the displeasure of many fans in attendance. Hendry would not be gone for long however, as Mark Dallas would extend an olive branch to the young star, offering him an ICW contract, free from the control of James R. Kennedy.

Making his return at the Fourth Annual Square Go match, Hendry would dominate in 30 man brawl, making it to the final four. Now, officially back in ICW, Hendry is primed and ready to forge his own path, and climb his way to the top of the ladder, but his first challenge is one that will truly test the young man’s talents, as he goes one-on-one with one of the most intense and unpredictable men to ever grace the ICW ring, Mikey Whiplash.

Whiplash has been performing better than ever since his historic return at ICW: Fear & Loathing VII, destroying anyone who crosses his path. In the Fourth Annual Square Go match however, Mikey fell victim to an ominous video that played through the 02 ABC, distracting the demented grappler and costing him his chance at a second Square Go victory. Someone may be targeting the dark destroyer, but in Dundee, Whiplash will have to get his head back in the game and focus on the task at hand, as he takes on one of the hottest young talents in Scotland today. Hendry will be looking to pick up a win over Whiplash to get himself closer to an ICW Heavyweight Championship match, but if he can keep his head clear and perform at the top of his game, Mikey may be the one man who can stop the momentum of the Local Hero.

For the first time ever in ICW, Joe Hendry and Mikey Whiplash go head-to-head at Fat Sam’s in Dundee. It’s the young up-and-comer against the veteran of British wrestling. This is a match you cannot afford to miss!

ICW: Liu Kang Wins takes place at Fat Sam’s in Dundee on Sunday February 15th. Tickets are available now at

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