Blow In The Cartridge Hits The Toon!
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 09-03-2015 21:35 GMT

On March 28th, one night before ICW returns to the infamous Barrowlands in Glasgow for ICW: Barramania, the most exciting roster on the pro wrestling planet hits the O2 Academy in Newcastle for what will surely be one hell of an event.

ICW: Blow In The Cartridge is part of the Insane Entertainment Tour, something which has already thrilled audiences in Dundee and Edinburgh, Scotland. That excitement will be felt south of the border, as the insanity goes UK-wide, with one of the best cards in recent memory for those passionate Geordie fans to enjoy.

Who would have thought that Kenny Williams and Joe Hendry would ever see eye-to-eye? Perhaps the duo were formed due to an intense mutual hatred for James R. Kennedy, out of the ashes of the Kennedy Administration, or maybe both have simply grown to respect one another due to the intense battles over Kenny's ICW Zero-G Title.

Whatever the case, the uniquely named 'Global Bollocks' are going to have to be on top form in Newcastle, vying to win the ICW Tag-Team Titles from the dominant Polo Promotions. Both Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo are great competitors in their own right, but put them together as a team and you get one of the smoothest units in all of ICW.

Can Kenny Williams and Joe Hendry do the unthinkable, capturing the tag belts, or will it be a case of fans in Newcastle seeing those Global Bollocks get a right good kicking?

There's a lot of excitement amongst wrestling fans to see Mikey Whiplash lock horns with Liam Thomson. The 'Bad Boy' of ICW, Thomson recently took none other than Tommy End to his limits, just coming up short at ICW: International Superstar Wrestling Deluxe in Edinburgh in February, and there's a ton of anticipation that he can go one better against another member of the Sumerian Death Squad.

For Whiplash, keeping a keen eye on Carmel at ringside would be wise – once associated with one another, the vicious vixen of ICW is now firmly in the corner of her man, Liam Thomson, and isn't shy in aiding him in any way she can to victory. Unlike most managers or valets, Carmel packs quite the physical punch in her own right. This match has all the potential to be a show-stealer.

This match is purely personal for Grado, who still doesn't have a firm answer from his former friend over why he stabbed him in the back at the Fourth Annual Square Go in January, aligning himself with James R. Kennedy and forming The 55.

Fite doesn't feel like he owes Grado an explanation, instead simply offering nothing more than repeatedly stating that 'Better Together' is what counts. Confused and hurt by his ex-pal's actions, Grado will no doubt be a house of fire in Newcastle. Indeed, fans in England could well see a side to the funny man that's rarely seen.

If James R. Kennedy knows what's good for him, he'll stay out of harms way. Cracking Grado in the back with a steel pipe the last time he was at ringside, it's likely the man who describes himself as the 'Godfather Of ICW' would receive some of his own medicine.

Just 24 hours before he battles Drew Galloway for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship at Barramania, the grappling machine that is Joe Coffey will be relishing the prospect of facing the monstrous Big Damo. Similarly, the Irish phenomenon will be looking to break the bones of Coffey, taking him out of the running and pulling himself one step closer to a title opportunity.

When two big bulls collide, everyone else usually stands back in awe, and that's certain to be the case here. Coffey favours pure wrestling skill these days, but facing Damo may force him to rely on quickness, moving out of the way of those surely-devastating blows from his opponent's huge frame.

Can the 'Iron Man' of ICW, Joe Coffey give himself momentum going into the clash with Galloway, or will he be picking up the pieces before his huge title match?

On a card stacked with smash mouth matches, Sha Samuels vs. Rampage Brown stands out as one where neither man wants to lose face on home soil in England. 'The East End Butcher' signalled his intentions in ICW by joining up with The 55, but what will be the outcome when he meets the defiant and proud Rampage?

Intriguingly, the last time ICW fans saw Brown, he was facing another member of The 55, Kid Fite. On the Magical Mystery Tour last October, Rampage defeated Fite at ICW: Lucy In The Sky With Divers in Leeds, so there could be a bit of revenge on the cards from Sha for his new running buddy in Newcastle.

The chances of this one exploding into an all-out brawl are incredibly high, so let's hope the ICW ring is reinforced, because even the biggest of squared circles may not be enough to contain this brutal stand off.

By winning the Fourth Annual Square Go match, Dickie Divers has secured himself a shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, able to cash in such an opportunity at any point over the next year. Unbelievably, it was one of Diver's fellow NAK members, Chris Renfrew who was lastly eliminated during the 30-man match, something which hasn't sat well with the NAK mouthpiece.

As for Wolfgang, it seems the lengthy saga of his rivalry with another NAK member, BT Gunn is firmly behind him. Under any normal circumstances, this would be a match to look forward to, but Wolfgang will feel if he can defeat Divers, who possesses a contract for a shot at the top title, he too should be in the running with a chance to face the titleholder.

Carrying a briefcase emblazoned with his own face, Divers could scarcely believe it that he'd won the Square Go. Victory over Wolfgang is far from assured, but 2015 could well be the year Dickie Divers makes his biggest splash.

The 55 Movement has been tearing a path through Insane Championship Wrestling, led by a man who has seemingly been reborn, James R. Kennedy. The maniacal manager has somehow convinced some of the most dangerous stars in ICW history to band together, all for the greater good.

This contrasts heavily with The Bucky Boys, a family who simply want to have fun and beat people up, looking to capture the ICW Tag-Team Titles once more. Needless to say, The Wee Man doesn't relate to Kennedy whatsoever, and there could be a fight on the outside of the ring to rival the one going on inside it.

Timm Wylie & Martin Kirby have shown themselves to be truly savage since forming The 55, and it's unlikely they'll do anything other than attack Davey & Stevie Boy head on. That approach will suit The Bucky Boys perfectly, as they're not afraid to get their hands dirty and do whatever it takes to win.

Can The Bucky Boys halt the momentum of The 55, or will the brutal alliance continue to run roughshod over ICW?

Tickets for ICW: Blow In The Cartridge are still available! Witness all the top stars of ICW as the company returns to Newcastle at the O2 Academy. Head to and for more information on tickets and pricing!

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