By Scott Reid
Posted On 03-02-2015 22:58 GMT

For anyone who desires success in Insane Championship Wrestling, the ICW Heavyweight Championship is the ultimate goal. The promotions crown jewel, the ICW Heavyweight Championship has been held by the best of the best in ICW, with the likes of BT Gunn and Mikey Whiplash having held the prestigious strap. Due to the ever growing success of Insane Championship Wrestling, the ICW Heavyweight Championship has gone from being a fresh new belt, defended in the halls of Maryhill, to becoming the richest prize in European wrestling today. This Saturday, February 7th, however, the title will be defended for the first time ever on American soil, as the newly re-branded ICW World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway defends the strap against Matt Hardy, live in New York City!

The title itself found it's beginnings in Maryhill Community Central Halls, where a young Drew Galloway would kick-start his career by becoming the inaugural ICW Heavyweight Champion, leading the company forward in its earliest days. As ICW began to grow, so too did the competition for the belt, with Darkside eventually knocking Galloway from the top and becoming champion himself, holding the belt for longer than any man to date.

After Darkside was forced to drop the belt due to an almost career-ending injury, BT Gunn became the third man to hold the ICW Heavyweight Champion. Upon his return, Darkside would reclaim the belts, leading to a months-long, now infamous, feud with BT for possession of the title, which went from the halls of Maryhill to the Apollo 23 and Classic Grand nightclubs in Glasgow City Centre, and would eventually see Gunn become a 2-time ICW Heavyweight Champion.

Leading the company forward further into the Garage nightclub, one of the most popular venues in Glasgow, Gunn's extremely impressive reign was halted by Red Lightning, who cashed in his Square Go contract to become the 4th ICW Heavyweight Champion, a title he would hold for almost an entire year. Red Lightning would aso be the first man to defend the ICW Heavyweight Championship outside of Glasgow, taking on Grado in ICW's debut show in Edinburgh. In an almost poetic twist of fate, Red would lose the belt to another Square Go winner, Mikey Whiplash, with the UK veteran holding onto the strap for around half a year, defending it in some helacious contests, most notably at ICW' first 'Supershow' at the Edinburgh Picture House against Wolfgang.

At ICW's biggest show to date at that point, Fear & Loathing VII, Jack Jester would finally win the ICW Heavyweight Championship in front of a sold out crowd at the 02 ABC in Glasgow, defeating Whiplash in a now legendary battle. With Jester at the helm, ICW would take 2014 by storm, with the belt being defended for the first time in cities such as Newcastle, London and Liverpool, and world-travelled stars such as Fergal Devitt and Martin Stone all coming to ICW to take, what was fast-becoming, the most talked about title in European wrestling.

Then, at the world famous Barrowlands in Glasgow, in front of 1600 fans, Drew Galloway triumphantly took his place back at the top of the mountain, defeating Jack Jester to once again become the ICW Heavyweight Champion at ICW: Fear & Loathing VII. With his mission statement of 'taking ICW to the next level' clear, Drew has stood as a proud champion, representing ICW all around the world, and even defending the strap in Denmark at the end of 2014

Having already successfully defended the ICW Heavyweight Championship in Scotland, England and Denmark, Drew Galloway will add another country to that list as he defends the title in Family Entertainment Wrestling this Saturday in New York City, live on iPPV! Galloway has been a fighting champion thus far, defending the belt against any and all comers, but his title reign could be in serious jeopardy this Saturday as he takes on a man who helped change the face of professional wresting at the turn of the millennium, Matt Hardy!

The former 6-time WWE Tag Team Champion and former ECW Champion has had a long and storied career, but he has made his intentions very clear going into his match this Saturday with Galloway, stating on Twitter earlier today;

“@MATTHARDYBRAND: Can’t wait to win the @InsaneChampWres Title & then defend it in Scotland. Might just buy a UK summer home.”

As dominant as Drew has been so far in his title reign, could we see one of the most accomplished tag team wrestlers of all time in ICW as our Heavyweight Champion? We will find out this Saturday at FWE: No Limits, live on iPPV!

With the title now being contested in 4 countries, on 2 different continents, the newly re-christened ICW World Heavyweight Championship is fast becoming one of the most coveted titles in all of the Professional Wrestling. Anyone who is anyone is looking to get their hands on the gold that puts them at the top of the ladder in Insane Championship Wrestling, proving furthermore that ICW is the place to be right now in Professional Wrestling!

FEW No Limits takes place this Saturday, February 7th, at 8pm New York time (2am UK Time) on iPPV. For details, head over towww.FWEWrestling.com

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