Renfrews Hardcore Open Challenge Answered!
By Scott Reid
Posted On 09-12-2014 21:09 GMT
Tags: Chris Renfrew , Hardcore Holly

There's the old saying that you should be careful what you wish, because you just might get it, and at ICW: Brush Your Goose, Chris Renfrew got exactly what he asked for, and more, in the form of a true Pro Wrestling legend!

Prior to ICW: Brush Your Goose, Renfrew claimed to be 'the most hardcore motherfucker on the planet", and threw out an Open Challenge, daring any wrestler in the world to prove him wrong. Then, on Sunday December 7th, at the Garage in Glasgow, Renfrew came to the ring to await his challenger, but nothing could have prepared him for who walked through the curtain to face him. As Chris stood in shock and disbelief, he was faced with none other than the former 6-time WWE Hardcore Champion, Hardcore Holly!

What transpired was an terrifyingly physical war, as Holly and Renfrew battled all around the Garage, brutalizing one and other at any and every opportunity, and leaving the fans begging for more. Eventually, it looked like Holly had Renfrew primed for the Alabama Slam, but Dickie Divers soon ran to his NAK brother's aid, superkicking the former Hardcore Champion, and giving renfrew the victory. The NAK members would soon feel the repercussions of their devious ways however, as Holly soon recovered, dropping both Renfrew and Divers with the Alabama Slam.

Chris Renfrew may have picked up the win over Hardcore Holly, but after being brutalised by a former Hardcore Champion, perhaps the loud-mouthed NAK leader will think twice before issuing Open Challenges to the world in the future!

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