BT Gunn vs. Mikey Whiplash
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 15-04-2015 23:29 GMT
Tags: BT Gunn , Mikey Whiplash

When BT Gunn revealed himself to be the man behind the mysterious videos that had been plaguing Mikey Whiplash, the wrestling world sat up and took notice. Whiplash may have claimed to become reborn upon returning to ICW in late-2014, but this new BT Gunn has everyone talking.

Appearing under an ominous looking mask, Gunn has seemingly officially flipped. On the contrary, maybe he knows exactly what he's doing, it's up for debate which eventuality is scarier! With blood dripping from his clothing and face, the NAK member is darker, more twisted than before, which is really saying something, because he wasn't exactly the most innocent individual beforehand to begin with.

It's abnormal for Whiplash to be the one on the receiving end of such mind games, as psychological warfare is normally the kind of thing he excels at. By getting a taste of his own medicine, Mikey cannot complain, but this threatens to go beyond simply tit for tat. Indeed, BT Gunn really seems to want to eliminate Whiplash for good, something the face-painted Mikey must keep in mind at all times.

This is a truly massive match that's been signed for ICW's return to London, one which helps elevate ICW: Alex Kidd In London to being on par with massive shows at the Glasgow Barrowlands and O2 ABC. Make no mistake about it, this is one every single fan of Insane Championship Wrestling will be tripping over themselves to see, the prestige is incredible.

Just who will come out of this one on top? There's a staunch argument to be made that both men are simply too well matched to call a winner, a claim which seems accurate. Gunn appears to have the upper hand psychologically right now, but that could turn in an instant, depending on which Mikey Whiplash shows up.

As fearless as they come, Whiplash nonetheless knows he's going up against a powerful foe, one who will stop at nothing to take him out of the frame. BT Gunn has almost tried to suck Whiplash into his own psyche recently, which is a dangerous game to play in itself. If Whiplash is unleashed, he's as brutal as anyone, which will surely make this match one for the ages.

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