Gradomania Takes Over Tennents!
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 03-03-2015 13:07 GMT
Tags: Grado

Grado is one man who needs to introduction to the ICW faithful, but given that the star of ICW's BBC documentary 'Insane Fight Club' is about to hijack the social media profiles of Tennents lager this week, he might just be about to make a few new pals.

Starting today, March 2nd, Gradomania runs wild on Tennents Facebook page, and the man 'fae the tap end of Stevenston' will interact with fans in his own unique style. Given that Grado has been experiencing a lot of trouble with The 55 lately, it's likely he needs a beer to calm his nerves and relax!

Posting videos and answering questions, Grado will be more interactive than ever, and seems enthused by the prospect of teaming up with the infamous brand. "Tennents lager, it's yersel'! Scottish, truly legendary and dead tasty. I mean, I could be talking about myself! I'll be taking over all week, providing fans with quality patter and cracking giveaways. Tidy!", the man himself commented.

Check out the action over at, and don't forget to watch Grado on ICW On Demand. for more details!

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