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Posted On 06-08-2014 15:45 GMT
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For the past 2 years, Grado has entertained the ICW fans like no other. Since he first stepped foot in Insane Championship Wrestling (by jumping the guardrail to help Wolfgang and Drew McDonald), Grado has made a connection with the fans, which has seen him go from plucky underdog, to beloved superstar. He has been part of some of the most memorable moments in ICW, and had a now classic rivalry with former ICW Heavyweight Champion Mikey Whiplash, but despite all this, Grado has yet to officially claim Championship gold in ICW. Could that all change this Sunday?

At the climax of ICW: Get Mendoza, ICW's first night at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the New Age Kliq attacked Grado and his opponent for the evening, Colt Cabana post-match, delivering a 4-on-2 beatdown. Down, but not out, Cabana took to the mic, and challenged the NAK to put their ICW Tag Team Championships on the line against himself and Grado this Sunday at ICW: You Have The Right To Remain Dead. While the NAK initially tried to back out of this challenge, Mark Dallas showed who was the boss, and made the match official, much to the outrage of Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn, who will be defending the titles.


Grado has always been on the cusp of achieving glory in ICW, but each time, it has been snatched away from him, be it due to bad luck, technicalities, or the dirty tactics of an opponent. In his first singles match in ICW, Grado challenged Red Lightning for the ICW Heavyweight Championship, in a match that is still talked about today. That night, Grado, and the ICW fans, believed he had become ICW Heavyweight Champion, but footage later showed that Red Lightnings foot was under the bottom rope during the pinfall, causing the match to be re-started, and Red Lightning to walk away with the championship still in his hands.

Grado would get another shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship again almost a year later, when he faced Mikey Whiplash in a 30 minute classic. Taking Whiplash to the absolute limit, Grado proved his critics wrong once again by showing more heart than ever, in his conquest to become the ICW Heavyweight Champion. Eventually, Grado was able to drop Whiplash, and cover him for the pin, but Mikey was able to get his hand on the rope at the last second, saving his championship reign. To this day, many believe that the 3-count was made before Whiplash's hand reached the ropes, and that Grado was robbed by a technicality, but the record books show that Mikey Whiplash left as the Champion that night.

Now, with Colt Cabana by his side, can Grado finally make good on his efforts, and become a champion in ICW? This is Grado's first opportunity at the ICW Tag Team Championships, and he and Cabana (collectively known as Irn Jew) are a much less experienced team than the New Age Kliq. With that in mind, will Edinburgh bear witness to a miracle as Irn Jew become ICW Tag Team Champions, or will the New Age Kliq once again ruin the party, and leave with the belts around their waists?

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