Grado VS Sha Samuels
By Scott Reid
Posted On 13-04-2015 18:45 GMT
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London has become somewhat of a second home for Insane Championship Wrestling, the capital playing host to some of the most exciting and memorable matches in recent ICW memory. Also intertwined in the relationship between ICW and London though, is the rivalry between Grado and Sha Samuels. Each time ICW has made his way to London, Grado and Sha have come to blows, with neither man seemingly able to vanquish the other for good. As ICW: Alex Kidd In London draws ever closer, the minutes are counting down until Grado and Sha Samuels will do battle once again, but this time, it will be in a London Street Fight!

The ever-popular Grado is a competitor unlike most others. Beloved for his in-ring antics, his larger-than-life personality, and his ability to overcome the odds time and again, Grado has become one of the most talked-about names in British Wrestling today, and brings with him a legion of fans every time he steps through the curtain. With that popularity however, comes enemies. Those who believe that the fame and praise should be directed towards them, and in the case of Grado, those enemies are The 55. Violent and unforgiving, The 55 have made it their mission to rid ICW of Grado, and take his place in the spotlight. One member of The 55 who knows Grado better than anyone though, is ‘The East-End Butcher’ Sha Samuels.

Having taken issue with Grado from day one in ICW, Sha Samuels has taken great pleasure in brutalising Stevenston’s favourite son up and down the country, and he won’t stop until he finally takes Grado out of ICW, once and for all. A one-man wrecking crew, Sha Samuels is as dangerous as they come, and will take on anyone that dares to step in front of him. Now, Samuels has the opportunity to obliterate his rival on his home soil, in front of ICW’s biggest London crowd to date, in a London Street Fight.

A match synonymous with ICW, the Street Fight is as dangerous a contest as one can enter. With the rules thrown completely out the window, anarchy and violence rule in the Street Fight, but at ICW: Alex Kidd In London, who will make the most of this barbaric contest, and come away as the victor? Can Grado gain some revenge for the months of abuse at the hands of Sha and The 55? Or will ‘The East-End Butcher’ do what he does best, and annihilate the Stevenston dream in his home city?

ICW: Alex Kidd In London takes place at the KOKO in London this Sunday, April 19th. Tickets are still available at, and

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