Grado VS Sabu
By Scott Reid
Posted On 07-04-2015 19:39 GMT
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ICW: Boomshakalaka (He's On Fire!) comes to the 02 Academy Liverpool this Sunday, April 12th, for Insane Championship Wrestling's second trip to the city. The last time ICW made it's way to the 02 Academy Liverpool, the fans were treated an absolutely stacked show that saw the best in ICW go head-to-head. This Sunday's event will be no different, and as part of the show, fans will see a match-up that see's two very different worlds colliding, as the ultimate entertainer goes one-on-one with a Hardcore icon.

Since the announcement of his return to ICW for the Insane Entertainment System Tour, fans have been speculating wildly as to who 'The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying' Sabu would face this time around. After the last time Sabu appeared in ICW, when he brutally attacked Jack Jester, many people have awaited the return of the Sabu-of-old, who waged wars with some of Wrestling's biggest legends in Japan and America throughout the 1990's, changing the face of Professional wrestling as we know it. As unpredictable and extreme as anyone has ever been inside the squared circle, it takes a special kind of athlete to step into the ring with Sabu, and keep up with the human highlight reels frantic assault. At ICW: Boomshakalaka (He's On Fire!) however, the most unlikely challenger will step up to face the Hardcore Icon, and prove that he has what it takes to hang with the most insane competitor that professional wrestling has to offer. At the 02 Academy Liverpool, Sabu will square off against none other than Grado!

The ultimate entertainer, Grado is as beloved by the fans as anyone has ever been in ICW, and it his indominable spirit that has seen him rise through the ranks of Insane Championship Wrestling, to become one of the companies top stars. While he may be viewed by many as out-of-his-league in this match, Grado has shown, on occasion, that he can get hardcore with the best of them. Having battled the likes of Mikey Whiplash, and Jack Jester throughout his time in ICW, Grado has taken his share of beatings, and come back to tell the tale over and over again. Sabu is undoubtedly one of professional wrestling's most unpredictable competitors, but the Human Highlight Reel has never faced anyone quite like Grado before, and it is that uncertainty from his opponent that may give Stevenston's favourite sun the upper-hand in this unlikely bout.

It's a match that no-one thought they would ever see, but at ICW: Boomshakalaka (He's On Fire!) Grado will step into the ring, for the first time ever, against the legendary Sabu. Will the 'People's Champion' defy the odd and be victorious over the man from Bombay, Michigan, or will Sabu leave yet another victim laying at his feet, as his hardcore legacy continues to grow?

ICW: Boomshakalaka (He's On Fire!) takes place on Sunday, April 12th at the 02 Academy Liverpool. Tiickets are available now at and

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