Grado VS Drew Galloway
By Scott Reid
Posted On 06-04-2015 19:50 GMT
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The ICW World Heavyweight Championship is quickly becoming one of the most sought after prizes in the world of professional wrestling. Current title-holder Drew Galloway has taken the strap all around the globe, defending against the likes of Matt Hardy, in an attempt to build the prestige of the title. This Saturday, April 11th, at Rock City in Nottingham, at ICW: The Princess is in Another Castle, a new challenger will step up to try and take the gold from around Galloways waist and, should he succeed, he will complete a journey, almost 3 years in the making.

Since becoming the ICW World Heavyweight Champion back at ICW: Fear & Loathing VII, Drew Galloway has defended that title with honour across the globe, in countries like America and Australia, all with the intention of proving that, not only is he one of the finest professional wrestlers in the world, but the ICW Worlds Heavyweight Championship is a prize that all competitors around the planet to strive to earn. Having defended the title against such ICW names as Kid Fite, Joe Coffey and Chris Renfrew, Galloway has proven himself to be worthy of the gold time and time again, and shows no signs of letting the gold go just yet. This Saturday, howeverm he will face another phenomenon is professional wrestling. A man who has captured the hearts of fans around the world, and has often been within a fingertips reach of winning the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. That man is Grado.

As popular a competitor as there has been in British Wrestling for decades, Grado is a personality all his own. With the biggest heart, and a desire to succeed that has yet to be broken, Grado has become a household name in Scotland, but has yet to win singles gold in ICW. Having competed for the title on a number of occasions, Grado has come so close to victory, only to have it snatched away from him at the last second. At Rock City in Nottingham however, Grado gets one more shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, and this maye very well be his time to shine. While he may be a very different style of wrestler than Drew Galloway, Grado has beaten the odds time and again, and this Saturday may be no exception.

Two of the biggest names in British Wrestling today collide for the first time ever, for the right be crowned the ICW World Heavyweight Champion. Will Drew Galloway's reign continue, or will Grado finally achieve his dream of becoming ICW World Heavyweight Champion? No matter what happens, do not miss this epic bout!

ICW: The Princess is in Another Castle takes place this Saturday, April 11th at Rock City in Nottingham. Tickets are still available for this event, as well as all other dates on the Insane Entertainment System tour, at

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