By Scott Ried

ICW: Dave's Not Here Man is the biggest ICW event to date, and as a result, the card is crammed with some of the finest homegrown and international talent around. Of all the phenomenal matches announced however, few are as anticipated as the modern day dream match between 'The Stevenston Dream' Grado and 'Boom Boom' Colt Cabana.

After the release of the Vice Magazine documentary "The British Wrestler", Cabana became an admitted fan of Grado, and the two men struck up a friendship through Twitter, with the constant discussion of a potential match exciting fans everywhere. Fast forward to the present, and the two men are now officially set to go one-on-one at the sold-out Edinburgh Picture House on August 25th.

As Cabana arrived in Edinburgh a few days ago to begin his stint at the Fringe Festival, Grado took it upon himself to greet his opponent at the airport, and give him a welcome like no other. Showering him with gifts and driving him to his home for the next month, Grado went all out to make Colt feel welcome, but a communication breakdown eventually caused some unexpected tension between the two.

Nevertheless, Cabana expressed his excitement about appearing in front of the sold-out ICW crowd, stating that, despite internet discussions and rumours of him signing on to be part of the WWE announce team, he would rather perform for the fans in Scotland than work commentary at this year's Summerslam event.

With the excitement growing between fans and wrestlers alike, ICW: Dave's Not Here Man is already sold out a month in advance, and is sure to be one of the biggest nights in Scottish wrestling history. For more information on the event, stay tuned to insanewrestling.co.uk over the next few weeks as we bring you news and updates leading into the monumental event!