Zero G Championship Match: Lionheart vs. Mark Coffey
By Scott Reid

The Zero-G Championship has grown to become a highly coveted title in ICW, with only a handful of supremely talented athletes having attained the belt. Current title-holder Mark Coffey is most definitely a man who deserves to be added to that list, with his natural wrestling ability and unparalleled work ethic catching the attention of everyone in ICW, and helping him build a reputation as one the most talented young stars in Scottish wrestling today. Since he won the Zero-G Championship from then-dual champion Mikey Whiplash back in September, Mark Coffey has successfully defended the title against the likes of Solar, Liam Thomson, and former Zero-G Champion Noam Dar, but at ICW: 'The Goggles! They Do Nothing!', Coffey will once again put his title on the line, against yet another former Zero-G Champion, Lionheart.

Since making his return in late 2013, Lionheart has been performing at the top of his game In ICW, all the while being plagued by the ever-looming problem of Jackie Polo, who has his sights firmly set on vanquishing Lionheart once and for all at ICW: Still Smokin on March 30th at the o2 ABC. With this huge match in his not too distant future, Lionheart will be no doubt be looking to gather all the momentum he can, and what better way to do that than by not only reclaiming the Zero-G Championship, but by defeating one of the most talked-about wrestlers in Scotland today, Mark Coffey.

Despite this match being a singles contest, there is still a third party who's possible involvement cannot be ignored; Jackie Polo. 'The King of Chat' is also booked to be in action on February 23rd, but since he has made it his mission to get into the head of Lionheart before their match on March 30th, it could be safe to assume that Polo will be looking to make his presence felt somehow, making this title opportunity much more difficult for Lionheart than it already will be.

Can Lionheart become a 2-time Zero-G Champion, and walk into one of the biggest matches of his career on March 30th with gold around his waist? Can Mark Coffey successfully defend the gold one more time, and add one of the most accomplished Scottish wrestlers in history to his list of victims? And what part, if any, will Jackie Polo have to play in the outcome of this match?

ICW: The Goggles! They Do Nothing! takes place at Studio 24 in Edinburgh on February 23rd 2014. Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster and Tickets-Scotland