Jackie Polo vs Noam Dar
By Scott Reid

ICW: 'The Goggles! They Do Nothing!' on February 23rd is shaping up to be a fantastic show, and one more match has now officially been added to the card.

The last time ICW entered Studio 24 in Edinburgh, for ICW: Fear & Lothian, Noam Dar competed in a match against Mark Coffey, which many people dubbed 'Match of the Night'. A technical masterclass from start to finish, Dar competed at the very peak of his powers to deliver an unbelievable performance. On February 23rd, Noam Dar will step into Studio 24 once again, looking to wow the audience with his ever-improving in-ring skills. To pick up the victory though, he will have to go through a man who has everything to prove, ahead of his match over 2 years in the making.

Jackie Polo is looking to build as much momentum as possible ahead of his blockbuster showdown with Lionheart at ICW: Still Smokin', and last month, he succeeded in felling former ICW Zero-G Champion, Andy Wild, in a hard fought battle. After taking out one former holder of the Zero-G title, Polo personally requested to face Noam Dar on February 23rd, not only to prove himself against another former title-holder, but also for the young stars personal connections to Lionheart. Outside of the ring, Noam Dar is a personal friend of Lionheart, who took Dar under his wing early in his career, and has helped mould Noam into the star we see today. If Polo can defeat Dar, not only will it give him some much needed momentum, but it may also give him a psychological edge over Lionheart, who may have to see his student laying at the feet of the man who has taunted him for over 2 years now.

While he may not be officially announced to be part of this match, the question also remains as to whether Lionheart will have any part to play in this bout. Last month, Lionheart made an unexpected appearance during Jackie Polo's match with Andy Wild, with the distraction almost costing 'The King of Chat' the victory. With that in mind, many people, no doubt Jackie Polo included, will be waiting with eager anticipation to see if Lionheart will appear once more to confront his arch-rival.

Can Noam Dar halt Polo's momentum, and pick up a big win to get himself back on course to compete for the Zero-G Championship? Or will Jackie Polo make another victim out of Dar, and give himself the final boost of encouragement he needs before ICW: Still Smokin' on March 30th 2014? And what part, if any, will Lionheart play in the proceedings?

ICW: The Goggles! They Do Nothing! takes place at Studio 24 in Edinburgh on February 23rd 2014. Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster and Tickets-Scotland.