Edinburgh Street Fight
By Scott Reid

Edinburgh is slowly becoming a second home for ICW, but despite what has happened at previous events in the nation's capital, they have yet to witness a match which helped put ICW on the map all around the UK.

The Glasgow Street Fight has become synonymous with Insane Championship Wrestling, and at ICW: The Goggles! They Do Nothing!, we will see the first ever Edinburgh Street Fight between the NAK, and the team of Wolfgang and the Bucky Boys!

The New Age Kliq have made enemies of many people in the last few months, but none more so than the Bucky Boys and Wolfgang. After entering themselves into a Tag Team Title match in August, Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn took the Tag Team Championships away from the Bucky Boys, and then went on to take out Davey Boy before he and Stevie could invoke their re-match clause at 100% Shenanigans. The Bucky Boys did finally get their re-match at the Third Annual Square Go, but after a controversial double pin, the titles were vacated by Mark Dallas, leaving both teams without gold.

As for Wolfgang, his issue lies specifically with BT Gunn. Cousins who grew up in the wrestling business together, BT and Wolfgang were once inseparable, but BT's attempts to humiliate and hurt Wolfgang recently, namely by cutting off his hair and running down his best friend Grado, have sent the big man over the edge, and he has made it his mission to make BT Gunn pay for the misery he has caused him.

While Wolfgang and The Bucky Boys are top-class competitors, the New Age Kliq are a well-oiled machine, who work terrifyingly well as a unit, and know how to use their numbers effectively to defeat their opponents. That co-operation, coupled with their well-documented violent tendencies, make the NAK a tailor made team to compete in the Edinburgh Street Fight.

No matter what city it takes place in, the Street Fight is a violent and intense affair, where only the strongest survive, and with the bad blood between these two teams, you can be sure that this will be a match of epic proportions!

ICW: The Goggles! They Do Nothing! takes place at Studio 24 in Edinburgh on February 23rd 2014. Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster and Tickets-Scotland.