Gang war within ICW looming?
By Jeffery Berry
Posted On 20-05-2014 18:42 GMT

It would appear that, within the realms of Insane Championship Wrestling, to survive, you need someone to watch your back. With gang attacks and numbers tactics more evident than ever before, many people are aligning themselves in groups and stables to ensure ICW survival. Here is a look at the factions within ICW right now.

The New Age Kliq
The longest running faction in ICW, the NAK originally formed in 2010. Though back then it was only Gunn and Renfrew, they did have ties with Jack Jester and Kid Fite as they battled the Gold Label. Though Jester and Fite were never official members of the faction, all four men were considered to be "Team ICW". The NAK would crumble in late 2012 as BT Gunn turned on Renfrew during an ICW title match between Renfrew and then champion Red Lightning. A bitter feud ensued after that, as the former brothers in arms waged a bitter war that almost tore ICW apart. This would culminate in a Loser Leaves ICW match at Get Yer Rat Oot in April 2013, with Mark Dallas as special referee. It was on that night that the NAK as we know them today reformed, as Renfrew shocked the world and turned his back on Mark Dallas and ICW. 

The NAK's agenda had dramatically changed, as no longer did they stand for defending ICW. Now it seemed they had every intention on destroying it, nobody was safe. Referee's, security guards, fans, even the then pregnant former ICW ring announcer Lianne. everyone fell victim to the NAK's own unique form of terrorism.

A few months later they would add to their numbers as Dickie Divers joined the fold. Divers had only recently been embraced by the ICW masses after disbanding the STI tag team, but by aligning himself with the NAK, Divers proved he was as evil as ever.

They would get their first major win as a team over ICW at Dave's Not Here Man! as they interjected themselves into the ICW Tag Team match and were victorious. From there, they decimated the titles, showing them no respect as they defaced them.

The NAK would go into a war over the Tag Titles with the Bucky Boys which rages on to this day,but that wasn't their only war as they have crossed paths with Jack Jester, Jimmy Havoc, Grado, Wolfgang, Fergal Devitt and many others.

After a run of mixed results, the NAK grew even stronger, as three became four. At Show Me Your Lizard, a year after the reformation of the NAK, they shocked the world again. On that show, James Scott wrestled to a 20 minute draw with the 'Iron Man' Joe Coffey. As everyone demanded the match be continued, James informed everyone there would not be another five minutes as he needed to go for a third back surgery, having suffered a fractured spine in 2010. James Scott had retired...

Later that evening the NAK battled Wolfgang, The Bucky Boys and Jimmy Havoc. It was at the end of this match that got everyone talking. The NAK's music hit and from the crowd, a masked figure appeared, taking out Stevie Boy and allowing the NAK to get the win. This man revealed himself to be James Scott, though he was no longer James Scott, having reverted back to his Darkside persona. the NAK now had their Darkside. They then proceeded to deliver their most brutal assault to date, decimating the Bucky Boys and Wee Man and hanging Wolfgang from the ropes.

The NAK was more dangerous than ever with credentials that speak for themselves; Two ICW Tag Title runs, Four ICW Heavyweight Title Runs, a former ICW Wrestler of the Year, last years ICW Tag Team of the Year and the current number one contender for the ICW title. The NAK have all the tools to be the most dangerous faction in ICW history, a title that is currently held by the Gold Label. Will they be bigger than the Label? That remains to be seen, but they are certainly on their way there.

The Kennedy Administration
James R Kennedy. Even just typing his name makes my skin crawl, but one thing can be said about the sleazy "Sports Agent to the Stars"; he certainly has an eye for talent.

Kennedy first appeared in an ICW ring as the manager of Christopher, an extremely talented though conceited young star with all the potential to be a big name within the wrestling industry. Christopher would have mixed success within ICW, and Kennedy would hire a few clients who did not quite work out for him, with Mr A Lister and Jonathan Starr spending very short times within his employment.
Kennedy would not really start to make waves until he obtained the signature of Kenny Williams. On his first outing under Kennedys tutelage, he put on a wonderful show, teaming with Christopher to take on the NAK for the Tag Titles. But with gaining a star, he lost one, as Christopher decided not to extend his contract after a drubbing from the NAK at There's Something About Maryhill. 
It would not be long until someone else caught Kennedy's eye though; The "Local Hero" Joe Hendry. He was everything Kennedy looks for in a celebrity, and he quickly signed Hendry up to his company.

An interesting dynamic began to form as it seemed that Kennedy strongly favored Joe Hendry as his star, while he had little time for Kenny. This may be due to the fact that Kenny was embraced by the ICW fans and, in turn, embraced them back. This does not sit well with Kennedy, who believes Kenny should be focusing more on being a celebrity than entertaining the fans. 

One trait the crew share in common though is that they all run their mouths, something that caught the attention of the Belfast Brawler, Big Damo. Damo made it his personal mission to destroy Joe Hendry, and Kennedy needed some muscle. At Still Smokin', he hired that muscle, with the solid Mr Timm Wylie introducing himself with a devastating spear that allowed Joe Hendry to finally get a win over Big Damo. It was on that night Kennedy dubbed his faction The Kennedy Administration. Kennedy had all the elements of a truly great team; strength, charisma, wrestling ability, they have it all.
The question is, can they hold it together? It seems Kenny is not happy in his current role, but is sealed into a contract for the foreseeable future. If they can hold it together, they have the potential to do great things, evidence of this being when the Kennedy Administration pushed then ICW Tag Team Champions, the Sumerian Death Squad, to produce their best to get the win. The Kennedy Administration are more than capable of obtaining ICW gold in the near future.

Polo Promotions
TV's Jackie Polo. Whether you love him or hate him, you know exactly who he is, and how could you not? He is constantly reminding us that he is 'Scotland's BEEEEEESSSSSSSTTTT wrestler'. It always seemed Polo was only in business for himself, but over the past few months, that has all changed. When Mark Coffey defeated Mikey Whiplash to become the Zero G champion, Jackie Polo was quick to sign up this pure breed athlete to Polo Promotions. With this, Mark Coffey became more cocky and arrogant than ever, dubbing himself the 'Real ICW Champion', based on the fact that Whiplash held both singles titles at the time Coffey beat him. 

Polo promotions would grow in London when Polo revealed his new client, London's Sha Samuels. Polo, similar to Kennedy, certainly had an eye for talent, and clearly had the money to back it up. It seemed Polo Promotions was expanding.

Is this the end of the expansion of Polo Promotions? I very much doubt it. It seems he has cash on the hip. He already has Denise his secretary, he has Polo security who showed their presence at Still Smokin', Polo Promotions is one to watch, and whether they move into the gang tactics is yet to be seen.

It would seem that factions are growing in ICW. Never has there been so many active at one time. Will this spell more factions forming in the near future, or will the current factions grow in numbers? You could say a new Team ICW has formed in the form of the Bucky Boys and Wolfgang, as they seem the men at the forefront battling the NAK.

All these factions have very different styles and goals. Polo Promotions and the Kennedy Administration share the fact they have their figure heads leading the fold forward, with greed and power their main objectives. the NAK are different however, as there doesn't seem to be a set leader, and they seem set on creating anarchy and destruction within ICW. With Greed, Power, Anarchy and Hate all strong elements in driving these groups forward, ICW could be a more dangerous place than it has ever been before.

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