ICW: Friday Night Fight Club - Episode 5
By Scott Reid
Posted On 27-03-2015 14:13 GMT

As we reach the penultimate episode of this series of ICW: Friday Night Fight Club, Insane Championship Wrestling returns to it's home turf, as we come to you from the Garage in Glasgow, for another wild show!

The Bucky Boys have long been ICW's franchise tag team, helping building the tag division within the company from it's days in Apollo 23. In pursuit of becoming the ICW Tag Team Champions once again, Stevie Boy and Davey Boy are working their way back through the line of tandem units in ICW, but on this episode of Friday Night Fight Club, they go up against a team that has never graced the ICW ring before: David The Beloved and Nathan. Flanked by Euan G Mackie, the manipulative David the Beloved brings his destructive monster Nathan to ICW to wreak havoc on anyone who crosses their paths. Can The Bucky Boys stop this frightening pair? Or will David's cunning, matched with Nathan's power, see them pick up a huge victory?

Lou King Sharp has impressed the ICW fans very quickly, with his never-say-die attitude gaining him the respect of the corwd, as well as some of the ICW roster. Always exciting to watch, Lou King sharp has been touted early as potential contender for the ICW Zero-G Championship, but to earn that opportunity, he will have to prove is worth against a few more names. On Episode 5 of Friday Night Fight Club, Lou squares off against another young man who is looking for his opportunity at glory; Saqib Ali. Offering his services to ICW Red Lightning on Episode 3 of FNFC, Saqib is wiling to do whatever it takes to get to the top in ICW, and doesn't care who has to beat to get there. What will happen when these two hungry young stars face off in the ICW ring?

The womens division in ICW has certainly been growing as of late in ICW, with everyone looking to make a name for themselves early on. One of the lngest-standing female grapplers in ICW, Carmel, comes to the Garage this week to compete in a tag team contest, alongside her partner for the evening, Layla Rose. Rose has been somewhat of a 'chosen one' in the ICW womens division, with ICW GM red Lightning taking great interest in the young star's progress, and with good reason. Destructive, merciless and extremely impressive, Layla has beendominating opponents from day 1 in ICW. Together, these two competitors take on the tough-as-nails sisters, The Owens Twins. Leah and Kasey have shown a far more aggressive side to their personalities as of late, and won't let anyone ruin their chances of being the faces of the ICW women's division. Two extremely competitive team, but there can only be one winner. Which tandem will leave with their hands held high?

And, in the main event of the evening, reigning ICW Zero-G Champion Kenny Williams puts his title on the line, as he goes toe-to-toe with the man who first held that same prestigious title, Noam Dar. While both of these men are long-time friends, competition in ICW comes first, and neither competitor want's to leave the Garage empty handed. However, ICW GM Red Lightning has added a stipulation to match, stating that, should he lose, Noam Dar will not receive another shot at the ICW Zero-G Championship, as long as Red is in charge. With one last chance, can Noam Dar become the first 3-time ICW Zero-G Champion, or will 'The Bollocks' once again leave with the gold around his waist. Its a match that has the ICW fans buzzing, and cannot afford to be missed!

All this, plus so much more, takes place tonight at 9pm, on episode 5 of ICW: Friday Night Fight Club, exclusively on ICW On Demand! This episode will be available for non-subscribers to watch for the first 24 hours, so there's no reason to miss the show! to watch, simply head over to www.insanewrestling.co.uk/ondemand!

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