Friday Night Fight Club - Episode 4 Preview
By Scott Reid
Posted On 13-03-2015 14:27 GMT

Episode 4 of Friday Night Fight Club is finally here, and what an absolutely jam-packed episode we have for you this week, as we come to from City Nightclub in Edinburgh!

After his tag-team partner took to the ring for singles action last week, Stevie Boy comes to Edinburgh for a singles contest of his own, taking on one of the fastest rising stars in Scotland, Lou King Sharp. Two young, exciting stars, Lou King Sharp and Stevie Boy are a match made in high-flyers heaven, but who will be fly the highest, and achieve victory in Scotland's capital? Will 'Jeremy Kyle's Worst Fucking Nightmare' be as successful in singles action as he has been in his tag team career? Or will Lou King Sharp pick up his first major victory on the ICW main roster? This match is sure to exciting quickly!

Edinburgh has produced a number of top ICW talents, and in Episode 4 of Friday Night Fight Club, the hometown 'Bad Boy' Liam Thomson returns to his turf, going head-to-head with the illumaniti assassin, Tommy End. Quite simply, two of the most technically proficient grapplers in the world today, Liam and Tommy only know how to give 100% inside the squared circle, but their can only be one winner. Will the Bad Boy use the home-field advanatage to knock off opponent? or will Tommy End add yet another impressive win to his resume?

The ICW Tag Team Champions, Polo Promotions, continue to spear-head the 'New Division' of ICW's tag teams, taking on all comers in defense of their championship gold. An extremely impressive tandem, Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo have never looked better, but in Episode 4 of Friday Night Fight Club, they take on a team that they have never encountered before; The Models. One of the top tag teams south of the border, Joey Hayes and Danny Hope now look to add the ICW Tag Team Championships to their collection. Can Polo Promotions defeat yet another 'entry level' tag team to hold onto the gold? Or will The Models make a shocking impact by leaving Edinburgh with the ICW Tag Team Championships in tow?

And in the main event of the evening, we will see a battle of the past vs the present, as the former Kennedy Administration goes up against the newly established 55. 'Global Hero' Joe Hendry, and the ICW Zero-G Champion Kenny Williams have formed an unlikely bond recently, putting aside their past animosity, and replacing it with a mutual respect. Both very different competitors, Kenny and Joe are an exciting combination, but will their chemistry be enough to take on the might of The 55? With the brains of James R. Kennedy choreographing their every violent move, The 55 have quickly become a force to be reckoned with in ICW. With decades of experience between them, and the numbers game on their side, are The 55 simply too much for Williams and Hendry? Do ot miss this huge main event, live at City nightclub in Edinburgh!

All of this, plus so much more, can be seen from 9pm on Friday 14th March, on Episode 4 of Friday Night Fight Club, exclusively on ICW On Demand! This episode will be free for non-subscribers to view for the first 24 hours.

However, to view this episode whenever you like, along with the rest of the exciting content available at your fingertips, head over and subscribe to ICW On Demand for $5.99 (about £3.75)

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