Friday Night Fight Club - Episode 2 Preview
By Scott Reid
Posted On 27-02-2015 03:06 GMT

The second episode of ICW's new 6-part mini-series, Friday Night Fight Club, comes to you this Friday, February 27th, exclusively on ICW On Demand, and what an episode we have for you this week!

Dickie Divers shocked the world back in January, when he achieved what many thought was impossible, and won the Fourth Annual Sqaure Go match. Now holding a contract for a guaranteed ICW World Heavyweight Championship match at a time of his choosing, Divers has a golden opportunity to become the face of Insane Championship Wrestling, but many believe his victory in January was nothing more than a fluke. Eager to prove everyone wrong, this week on Friday Night Fight Club, Divers takes on a man he has crossed paths with on a number of occasions, Tommy End. With a pool of bad blood having formed between the New Age Kliq and the Sumerian Death Squad, you can bet that this match will be one you cannot afford to miss! Can Divers continue to ride the wave of momentum, or will Tommy End take out the Number 1 Contender, and insert himself into the title picture?

The ICW Tag Team Champions, Polo Promotions, have proven themselves to be a very effective unit in the last few months. While still relatively new to the ICW Tag Team division, Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo have an undeniablely natural chemistry that has worked in their favor, and helped them earn the iCW Tag Team Championships back at ICW: Fear & Loathing VII. As the self-proclaimed figureheads of the 'New Tag Division', Polo and Coffey are not willing to let their title's go without a fight, but this week on Friday Night Fight Club, they clash with the former champions, who many believe never truly lost the belts, The Bucky Boys. Davey Boy and Stevie Boy controversially lost the titles last year, due an injury to Davey's knee, but now, they are looking to get back on top of the ICW Tag Team ladder, and are ready to take down their cocky opponents. Who will leave with the ICW Tag Team Championships? Tune into this weeks Friday Night Fight Club to find out!

Grado has become the target of the newly formed unti, The 55, in recent weeks, with James R. Kennedy and his thugs claiming to be sick of Grado always being put on a pedestal above the rest. This week, Grado is set to take on The 55's Martin Kirby, Timm Wylie, and Kid Fite, alongside two partners of his choosing. Last week, the unlikely tandem of security personnel Tam and Billy offered their support to Grado, but ended up suffering The 55's wrath as a result. With his supposed partners taken out, will Grado find anyone willing to stand up, and help him battle this dangerous new firm? Or will 'The Stevenston Dream' be left to go it alone against his merciless tormentors?

Tune into ICW: Friday Night Fight Club to see all of this, plus so much more, this Friday, February 27th, from 9pm, exclusively on ICW On Demand. Don't forget, Friday Night Fight Club is available for non-subscribers to watch for the first 24 hours after it goes live, so don't miss out on all the latest action from Insane Championship Wrestling!

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