Mick Foley Is The Commissioner of ICW:Fear & Loathing VIII
By Scott Reid
Posted On 05-06-2015 00:13 GMT
Tags: Mick Foley

ICW: Fear & Loathing VIII, taking place at the SECC in Glasgow on Sunday November 15th, will be  the biggest night in Insane Championship Wrestling history to date, as the ICW roster steps out to their largest crowd ever, in one of the country's biggest arenas. A night of such importance can not afford to have anything go wrong, and as such, ICW owner Mark Dallas recently announced the signing of a very special guest, who will oversee this monumental night on November 15th.
ICW General Manager Red Lightning has been as controversial as ever since taking on his executive role, making decisions which are often highly unpopular by fans and wrestlers alike. In the past few months, power seems to have gotten to the General Manager's head, prompting the unexpected return of Mark Dallas, who has been away from ICW events for the most part, as he pursues the coveted TV deal that Insane Championship Wrestling so desires. Addresing Red at ICW: Spacebaws - Episode 1, Dallas proclaimed that, due to his actions as of late, Red Lightning would be punished, and would not be in control of Fear & Loathing VIII at the SECC. That role would instead be filled by another man. A legend who has paved the way for companies like ICW, and who has what it takes to control the often unpredictable Insane Championship Wrestling roster. On November 15th, ICW: Fear & Loathing VIII will not be run by a General Manager, but will instead by led by a Commissioner. The greatest Commissioner of all time in fact; 'The Hardcore Legend' Mick Foley!

A man who has seen, and often been a part of, some of the most iconic moments in professional wrestling history, Mick Foley is, to many, the blueprint for what it takes to be a true legend in wrestling. The embodiment of hardcore, and with a will that is unlike any other, Foley was dubbed 'Insane' before ICW even existed, and so it was only a matter of time before he made his way to the Insane Asylum. Out-with his hardcore legacy however, Foley has gone down in history as, arguably, the greatest Commissioner of them all, bringing his experience and unique style to the role, with all decisions being FINAL!

ICW: Fear & Loathing VIII could very well be remembered as a monumental night in the history of Insane Championship Wrestling, but at the event where anything can happen, the Hardcore Legend will be calling the shots and making sure everything goes accordsing to plan! Do not miss this huge night, as Mick Foley comes to Insane Championship Wrestling for the very first time, and returns to Commissioner role once more, as only he can!

ICW: Fear & Loathing VIII takes place at the SECC in Glasgow, on Sunday November 15th. Tickets are available now, and selling fast, at www.ticketmaster.co.uk, www.triplegmusic.com, www.tickets-scotland.co.uk and the SECC website! Don't miss your chance to be a part of history!

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