By Adam Wilson

Fife. Aberdeen. Kirkintilloch. Montrose.

To some, this may simply seem to be a random assortment of Scottish locations, but to ICW fans, these places take on a whole new meaning when listed in that order. Leading on from the earlier success of his 'Wolfgangnam Style' video this past January (which itself received favourable attention in the pages of Fighting Spirit Magazine), Wolfgang has once again joined up with K2 Films to deliver 'Finding Wolfgang', a series of videos spoofing popular wrestlers past and present.

The first installment came a few months after 'Wolfgangnam Style', with the premise that Wolfgang had once again turned to his friends at K2 to help him come up with some fresh nuances for his character. What ensued was a parade of parodies, much to the delight of fans. Arguably the most popular of these was 'The Field', a group hell-bent on delivering their own brand of agricultural justice. In fact, such was the popularity of 'The Field' that signs bearing their slogans, such as "Believe In The Field", have appeared at wrestling shows all across the country.

"It's not enough to be named best wrestler of 2012, I need a new gimmick!".

Part 2 followed soon after, picking up where the cliffhanger ending of the previous video left off, and introduced a plethora of new character ideas, including 'The Ultimate Worrier' and 'Jimmy Snooker'. The sequel met with equal acclaim from fans, and finished with Wolfgang deciding against a gimmick change, before being run off by an intimidating trio of familiar looking farmers...

"How about I just be myself?".

After the seemingly decisive climax to the second part of these wacky skits, it was a pleasant surprise when Wolfgang announced via Twitter that a third video was in the works. Released online soon after, 'Finding Wolfgang Part 3' has expanded on it's predecessors, now spoofing movies and TV shows such as Pulp Fiction and Breaking Bad.

"'Finding Wolfgang 3' was a slightly different idea. We based it more on things in the news rather than wrestling puns. It's been received well, though most people seem to be horrified with me in bra and pants "twerking" like Miley Cyrus!", Wolfgang said on the change of direction.

"Who the hell are you then?".

Horrifying or not, the newest video already looks to be matching the others in terms of viral success, with K2 Films helping to bring Wolfgang's natural likability and charisma to a new audience, as well as entertain the fans 'Wolfie' already has in ICW. Will there be more to the 'Finding Wolfgang' saga? There's a whole world of pop culture out there waiting to be lampooned by the 'Laird of La Cala'. Watch this space.

You can see more of K2 Films' work at You can also follow The Field on Twitter at @FieldJustice.