By Scott Reid

Over the past few months, the tension between 'Bad Boy' Liam Thomson and Kid Fite has been sky high. A team who have worked together all over the world, Fight Club are one of the most decorated tandems to ever set foot in ICW, but in recent times, they have simply seemed incapable of getting on the same page. This breakdown in their ranks has led to a lengthy losing streak in ICW, which was finally broken back in February, despite Kid Fite walking out on Liam during the match. That very same night, Liam and Fite almost came to blows in the ring, after breaking up a brawl between Kay Lee Ray and Liam's partner, Carmel, but the fire seemed to have been put out by ICW owner Mark Dallas, who stated that he needed Fight Club to be united as one during ICW's period of growth throughout the UK.

After the high-drama of February, both members of Fight Club seemingly took a period of time apart from one and other, with Kid Fite hearing not a word from his long-time cohort, and stating that he did not know exactly what was happening with Fight Club in the long term. Fite had his mind on other things however, as he was chosen to face former WWE World Tag Team Champion Paul London at ICW: Still Smokin'in the o2 ABC in Glasgow. That night, both Fite and London put on an absolute thrill-ride of a match that had fans in complete awe. As the match raged on, Liam Thomson suddenly appeared with Carmel and attacked both competitors, hitting London and Fite with the Backstabber, before dragging London over his partner's prone body to cost him the match.

This act of treachery by Liam Thomson appears to be the final nail in the coffin of Fight Club, and means the loss of a corner-stone of the ICW tag-team division. Kid Fite has yet to address the situation publicly, but it would be safe to assume that sooner or later, these two tough-as-nails competitors, and former partners, will butt heads in the ICW ring. Both Kid Fite and Liam Thomson are notoriously dangerous competitors, but have spent a large part of their careers utilising their talents together. With each man knowing the other better than anyone, what will have when their anger and aggression is focused on each other?