The Prince Is Crowned - Fergal Devitt
By Jeffery Berry

The phrase "Best in the World" has been said about a lot of people over the years. One man who never shouts that about himself, never proclaims to be the greatest, he just goes out and proves it everytime he steps in the ring no matter what continent he is on. This man is the hottest free agent in Professional Wrestling today with every single major federations chasing his signature. That man is Fergal Devitt, the new ICW Zero G Champion. On March 30th at Still Smokin, Devitt shocked the world when he appeared unnanounced and defeated them self proclaimed "Real" ICW Champion, the brash and cocky Mark Coffey. What can this mean for the future of Fergal Devitt and his relationship with ICW?

Here as a look back on Fergal Devitts time in Insane Championship Wrestling.

Devitt made his ICW debut in September 2012 at ICW Hadouken! taking on ICW fan favourite Wolfgang. Leading into this match there was a lot of hype with the match being announced several months before it took place and the first match of the International Star Fegal Devitt in the hottest new promotion on the planet, the match had a lot to live up to. And it did not disapoint, it would be ICW's Match of the Year in 2012 as voted for by the fans. The match would see both men give it their all in a stiff technical classic, a match that truely elevated Wolfgang to even higher level getting the win over Devitt. Devitt showed great humility and showed appreciation to the ICW fans on their warm reception.

Fergal would return in May 2013 to take on the devious unpredictable BT Gunn. This match had a very different feel to it, it didn't have the same atmosphere as it was clear that BT Gunn was out to hurt Devitt. The match would see both men fight all over the building and saw some of the most vicious chop exchanges ever seen in the sport of wrestling, with neither man backing down their chest's beaten raw! On this night it was Fergal who was able to get his hand raised but the celebration's were short lived as the NAK jumped Fergal Devitt and left him lying. That would the last time Fergal was seen in ICW in 2014.

The next time he would return would be in the opening show of 2014, but this seemed to be a new creature. Fergal was scheduled to take on the ICW Champion Jack Jester at the Third Annual Square Go event. As everyone awaited the arrival of Fergal Devitt, the lights dimmed and the music started. When the lights came back on we were greated to what is sure to become an iconic image in Insane Championship Wrestling history. Fergal Devitt painted in the styling of Carnage! This match was very different to Devitt previous outings as Jester was able to change the match into a styling that more suited him, a hardcore brawling type of match. These tactics would prove to be pivotal in Jester managing to get one of the biggest victories in his title run. Again Devitt showed great humilty and respect towards Jack Jester and ICW.

March 30th 2013, the light dim on the Real Champion Mark Coffey, when they would illuminate Devitt would be waiting perched on the top rope like Spiderman ready to pounce. Next week Thursday at 9pm on ICW Worldwide there will be full highlights of the match between Mark Coffey and Fergal Devitt so be sure to tune in. As for the question as to where is Feragl Devitt going? WWE? TNA? Who know's, all we now is that right now, Fergall Devitt is in ICW!