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Posted On 10-06-2014 00:53 GMT
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Fergal Devitt is one of the finest professional wrestlers in the world today and, since arriving in Glasgow to face Wolfgang back in 2012, Devitt has found a home in ICW. The intense, ond often critical, ICW crowd have shown nothing but love and support for Fergal during his time in Insane Championship Wrestling, and at ICW: Jimmy Nail's Revenge, the fans and roster gave Devitt an emotional send-off, worthy of of 'The Prince'.

Rumors regarding Devitts future have been running wild throughout the wrestling world over the last few months, and 'Fergals Last Stand' in Newcastle could not have been a more fitting farewell. Battling Jack Jester for the ICW Heavyweight Championship in a rematch for the ages, Devitt did everything he could to try and leave with the highly coveted gold around his waist. Jester and Devitt battled all over the Riverside Nightclub, leaving blood and destruction in their wake. The fight even flowed to the outside, where Fergal attempted to throw Jester into the River Tyne!

In the end though, Jack Jester once again stood triumphant, but the gracious champion was quick to congratulate Devitt on a phenomenal match and run in ICW, before handing the mic to the 'Real Rock N' Roller'.

While still remaining tight-lipped about his plans, an emotional Devitt simply left the fans with a heart-felt goodbye, stating "This is not goodbye. This is just 'see ya later!'", before leaving ICW: Jimmy Nails Revenge alongside the ICW roster, gathered on the stage to see him off.

No matter where Fergal Devitts career takes him, Insane Championship Wrestling wishes all the best for 'The Real Rock N' Roller", and no matter what, there will always be a place for Fergal Devitt in the insane asylum!

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