The last time Insane Championship Wrestling came to Studio 24, one of the highlights was a wild Intergender Tag Team Deathmatch. This time, the battle of the sexes comes in the form of a singles match, pitting ICW Fierce Females champion Kay Lee Ray against former ICW Heavyweight champion Mikey Whiplash!

The history between these two in ICW goes back a long way, dating back to Kay Lee's time under the thrall of Whiplash as one of the Pretty Little Things. Since breaking free at Hadouken last September, she has occasionally proven to be a thorn in Mikey's side, including assisting Grado and Jack Jester to victory over Whiplash and Handsome Jam O'Malley at Santa Gravy two months later.

This of course led to the aforementioned intergender deathmatch at Tramspotting, pitting Kay Lee and Jester against Whiplash and Carmel Jacob. A wild brawl of a main event, the match featured arguably the most insane moment in ICW history, when Whiplash powerbombed Kay Lee over the top rope headfirst into a wall. However, Kay Lee managed to not only finish the match, but end up on the winning team, and has since gone from strength to strength, winning her first title just months later at the Fierce Females show, 'Luke Who's Yer Da'.

In a strange parallel, Whiplash also won his first title in ICW the same weekend, ending Red Lightning's year long reign the following night at Reservoir Dogs when he cashed in the title shot he earned by winning the second annual Square Go. Despite that, Whiplash returns to Edinburgh on the back of two painful defeats, having lost both the Zero G title and Heavyweight championship in recent months to Mark Coffey and Jack Jester respectively. However, Mikey Whiplash is a dangerous man at the best of times, and these two losses will likely make him further determined to avoid defeat to his former valet.

Of course, Kay Lee Ray is no stranger to the insane herself. Time and again she has shown herself willing to risk life and limb to attain victory, including a balcony dive in the Garage when she defeated Viper to claim the Fierce Females championship. Her last match in the capital also resulted in mayhem, with Kay Lee narrowly defeating her longtime nemesis Carmel in a last woman standing match, which many fans believe stole the show.

Despite her momentum, Kay Lee will be seen by many as the underdog. After all, recent months have seen the return of the psychotic Mikey Whiplash who first graced ICW upon his initial arrival. However, if their history has taught us anything, it is this: Kay Lee Ray does not fear Mikey Whiplash. One thing is for certain – expect insanity!

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