Team CK vs. The Bucky Boys

After coming through the trials and tribulations forced upon them by the ominous Sumerian Death Squad, The Bucky Boys have jumped out of the proverbial frying pan and straight into the fire, receiving heinous beatdowns at the hands of Fight Club and the NAK over the last few months. Despite all these troubles, Davey Boy and Stevie Boy are sure to be spoiling for a fight!

On the other side of the spectrum, Team CK have received previously-unheard of cheers from the ICW faithful, who seem to admire the popstar duo's uncanny ability to take a kicking yet keep on ticking. Impressive performances, ironically against Fight Club and NAK, have led these fresh-faced youngsters to face perhaps the best team in ICW history, The Wee Man's Bucky Boys. Far from discouraging the positive reaction from fans, both Christopher & Kenneth have in fact done the complete opposite – seemingly being spurred on by the cheering of the crowds, much to the chagrin of their agent, James R. Kennedy.

Colliding in spectacular fashion at ICW's 1st Annual 'Fear & Lothian' this Sunday in Edinburgh, both tandems have something to prove. The Buckys feel they need to kickstart the wave of momentum they previously had as ICW Tag-Team Champions, whilst James R. Kennedy feels Team CK must do everything they can to prove they have what it takes to survive in the brutal land of the ICW Tag leagues, and look good doing it!

What will both teams of young stars be willing to give to ensure that they are the ones with their hands raised after the final bell? Be there at Studio 24, Edinburgh this Sunday to find out!

Tickets on sale NOW at Ticketmaster UK and Tickets Scotland. (This is a smaller venue, so get your tickets fast to avoid disappointment!)