ICW's return to the nation's capital for the first annual Fear and Lothian took place this last Sunday, and is already being lauded by fans as one of their best of the year. In full results from the show:

The Bucky Boys vs Fight Club
Fight Club challenged the Bucky Boys to this impromptu match after assaulting Kenneth and James R. Kennedy. The non-appearance of Christopher (one half of originally scheduled opponents Team CK) was due to, what he and his partners Sports Entertainment agent claimed was, a throat injury. Both teams put on a highly competitive match, echoing their previous bout in the same venue, before Fight Club were distracted by Kenneth who returned to ringside, and allowed the former ICW Tag Team champions to pick up the win.

Joe Coffey vs James Scott
Another close fought battle that could have gone either way, both men stuck to clean wrestling holds, before escalating into exchanging suplexes. Eventually, the man dubbed the "Clotheslining Colossus" by Billy Kirkwood lived up to that moniker and took down James Scott with his patented discus lariat for the pinfall. After a handshake between the two, Joe assaulted Billy's broadcast colleague Sebastian Radclaw, denouncing him as a joke and demanding an ICW title shot, before being removed from the ring by security.

Carmel Jacob vs Bete Noire
Seeking revenge for the events of Fear and Loathing, Bete put up a valiant effort in what, at times, looked like a handicap match due to the constant interference of Sara. Carmel Jacob won by pinfall with a hanging DDT from the second rope, after Noire failed to hit a Death Valley Driver after appearing to take a dizzy spell, suggesting a recurrence of the injury she suffered the previous month. Carmel and Sara continued to assault Bete after the match had ended. As yet, no word has yet been released on Bete's condition.

Kay Lee Ray vs Mikey Whiplash
Kay Lee used her quickness to her advantage here, before being overpowered by Whiplash at every turn. After watching Kay Lee get pummeled to the canvas with multiple powerbombs, referee Eddie Sideburns walked out in disgust, eventually being replaced by Yum Yum, who made it just in time for Kay Lee to hit Whiplash with a breathtaking Rolling Fireman's Carry, and her patented Swanton Bomb, to pin the former ICW Heavyweight champion in what was, arguably, her biggest win to date.

The NAK (Dickie Divers & BT Gunn) vs Grado & Wolfgang
In another last minute alteration, what was supposed to be a singles match between Grado and Divers changed when the NAK assaulted Grado, only for Wolfgang to make the save. For the most part, the NAK dominated the match, with BT Gunn's scissors even making a comeback to cut Wolfgang's hair, before their opponents were able to turn the tide. Grado pinned BT Gunn with an F5, making Gunn the second former ICW Heavyweight Champion that Grado has pinned in ICW competition.

Damian O'Connor vs Joe Hendry
Another impromptu match took place when self-styled "Local Hero" Joe Hendry addressed the crowd in a bid for respect, and issued an open challenge to anyone in the ICW locker room. The call was answered by Damian O'Connor, appearing in his first singles match in ICW, which he won in short order with a running Big Boot on Hendry for the three count. Undeterred, Hendry challenged O'Connor to an instant rematch, which he received when Damo stormed the ring and took Joe out again with an Electric Chair Driver for another victory.

Mark Coffey (C) vs Noam Dar – ZERO G TITLE MATCH
Coffey lived up to his promise made on Twitter when he focused his assault on the previously injured shoulder of Noam Dar. However, Noam gave as good as he got, targeting Coffey's knee in return in preparation of his signature Kneebar, which he almost scored him the win before Coffey made it to the ropes. Eventually, Mark Coffey's strength won out once again when he pinned Dar with a Pumphandle Slam to successfully retain the Zero G Title. After the match, Mark offered his opponent his hand in a show of respect, which Noam reciprocated.

Jack Jester (C) vs Chris Renfrew – ICW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH
In the main event, ICW closed the show in fittingly insane style in this wild brawl that covered almost every inch of Studio 24. After tearing Renfrew's head open with a barbed wire baseball bat and putting him through a table near the bar, the action returned to the ring where the rest of the NAK got involved to help the challenger. However, the defending champion overcame the odds and kicked out of two Stone Cold Stoners from Renfrew, before pinning his opponent after a Tombstone onto the thumbtacks which littered the ring. This victory not only saw him successfully defend his title, but it also takes Jesters undefeated streak in the capital to 3-0.