When Fear and Loathing VI: Welcome to Bat Country wrapped up last week, Jack Jester stood in the middle of the ring, hand raised and holding the ICW Heavyweight Championship. After years of battling anyone who ever had a bad thing to say about ICW, Jester finally held the ultimate symbol of his dedication to the company in his hand after an all-out war with Mikey Whiplash. In a contest that seen most of the O2 ABC coated in his blood, Jester was able to fight his way to a victory that placed him firmly on the top of the ICW mountain. The problem this creates is that, once you are on top of that mountain, there is a list of people ready to knock you back off of it and for Jack Jester, the first person taking a shot is none other than Chris Renfrew.

In the past, both of these men have fought side-by-side, shedding blood, sweat and tears in the name of ICW, but since Renfrew had his 'eyes opened' by New Age Kliq team mate, BT Gunn, he and Jester have been having a serious difference in opinion about the direction ICW should be taking. Renfrew has, in Jester's eyes, turned his back on the promotion and its fans and for that, has something to answer for. Chris Renfrew has had no trouble taunting and teasing the new champion in the past and in his opinion, Jester should prepare to watch as he and his NAK team mates destroy pro wrestling as we all know it.

Both of these ICW stalwarts excel in the heat of battle, and this contest should be no different with each man coming off of massive wins at Fear and Loathing VI, There's Something About Mary(Hill) and Dave's Not Here Man. Jester and Renfrew will both be looking to keep the momentum they have built over the past three months going with a win in the nation's capital at Fear and Lothian on November 3rd. With both men fighting in the name of ICW in the past, this time around Chris Renfrew and Jack Jester will find themselves on opposite sides of the line as they square off in Edinburgh's Studio 24. The violence and brutality that we have come to expect from both of these men will be on display once again, that much is certain. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether Renfrew can take the ICW Heavyweight Championship from the new champion. Or will Jack Jesters first title defence be a successful one as he faces off against a truly dangerous opponent?

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