Zero-G Title - Kenny Williams vs. Joe Hendry
By Jeffery Berry
Posted On 12-11-2014 15:42 GMT
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Over the past year in ICW, James R. Kennedy and Joe Hendry have made the life of Kenny Williams a living hell. Trapped in a contract that stipulated he was under Kennedy's employment within Insane Championship Wrestling, Kenny was forced to play second fiddle to the "Global Hero" Joe Hendry.

This all changed the night of ICW: Spacebaws 4 - A New Hope, when Kenny finally achieved his dream, and defeated "The Real Deal" Mark Coffey to become Zero-G champion. James R. Kennedy thought that this meant that the title was now firmly in the hands of The Kennedy Administration, but this was not the case. It has since been revealed that Kenny Williams contract was only a 12 month 
agreement, and had indeed expired at the start of September 2014. 

Perhaps Kennedy spent too much time focused on Joe Hendry, who he strongly favoured over Kenny, thus overlooking the fact that he was about to lose control over Williams. Kenny is now a free man, and has been on the roll of his life, defending the Zero-G belt up and down the country against all challengers.

This, of course, has not sat well with the remaining members of The Kennedy Administration, who want to make sure the Zero-G Title is 
around the waist of Joe Hendry. At ICW: Fear & Lothian II, Hendry has his first one-on-one opportunity against his former team mate.

The cocky and brash Hendry has the home field advantage, with the match taking place in Edinburgh, but that won't phase Kenny after the horrendous journey he had to endure to become Zero-G Champion in the first place. 

The Kennedy Administration will no doubt use every element to their advantage, and no doubt the dangerous 'Consequence' Timm Wylie will also show face during this one, as Kennedy pulls all the stops to ensure Hendry leaves as champion.

This match is so much more than just a title match, it's deeply personal, a story of betrayal, oppression and revenge. This is one of the most personal Zero-G Title matches ever to take place in ICW, a true tale of the underdog against the money machine.

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