Mikey Whiplash vs Darkside
By Scott Reid
Posted On 12-11-2014 15:46 GMT
Tags: James Scott , Mikey Whiplash

The shocking return of Mikey Whiplash at ICW: Fear & Loathing VII has many people talking, eagerly waiting to see what the deranged star will do, now that he is back home at the insane asylum. Now in leagues with the Sumerian Death Squad, Whiplash has opened the darker corners of his mind once again to unleash the monster that lives inside of him. Now, at ICW: Fear & Lothian II, the former ICW Heavyweight and Zero-G Champion makes his singles return at the City nightclub, in Scotland's capital city. No doubt looking to get straight back on the road to championship gold, Whiplash will have to work his way back up the ladder by defeating the best that ICW to offer, but if he hopes to do that, he will have to start by defeating a man who also knows all too well about letting his sadistic side show: the man known as Darkside.

Darkside, the finely-tuned grappler of the New Age Kliq, is a former 2-time ICW Heavyweight Champion in his own, holding on the belt longer than any other champion in history during his reign. Since joining the NAK earlier this year, Darkside has certainly become a more dangerous entity than every before, taking out the likes of Damo and Jack Gallagher single-handedly. Constantly striving to prove he is better than everyone around him, Darkside will take on anyone, anywhere, hoping to insert himself back into the ICW Heavyweight title picture. This Sunday, Darkside has the opportunity to do just that when he faces Mikey Whiplash. Whiplash is known for being an extremely unpredictable opponent but, being well-versed in a number of martial arts and having no remorse for anyone he faces, Darkside may be the one man who stop Whiplash's returning momentum before it every truly gets going.

It's a match that will see these two former ICW Heavyweight Champions square off for the first time ever, in what will no doubt be an extremely physical contest. Can Mikey Whiplash begin his journey back to top of the ICW mountain by taking out the sadistic grappler? Or will Darkside be able to out-smart the painted madman, and pick up a hugely important victory?

ICW: Fear & Lothian VII takes place on Sunday, 16th November at City nightclub in Edinburgh. Tickets on sale now at www.ticketmaster.co.uk andwww.triplegmusic.com

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