Grado vs. Martin Stone – Fear & Lothian II
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 06-11-2014 16:49 GMT
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Many in ICW are often guilty of taking Grado's fun-loving, care-free nature as being a weakness. When someone doesn't take themselves, or life, too seriously, others looking on can become jealous, and this has certainly plagued the exuberant grappler 'fae the tap end of Stevenston' ever since his debut in 2012.


Nonetheless, such pressure that comes with being such an individual hasn't phased the popular star, and he has become accepted as an incredible success story, as well as an inspiration to anyone looking to better themselves. Scotland took to Grado quickly, and now the world – through ICW Worldwide and On Demand – have embraced him just the same way.


One man who hasn't seen eye-to-eye with Grado since first appearing in ICW - back at ICW: A Show In London this past May – has been one Sha Samuels. The 'East End Butcher' would be the first to tell you that he's not a fan of the singing, dancing Scot. There are some people in life who just plain don't like each other, and that perfectly sums up Grado and Sha Samuels.


Having now squared off in an ICW ring on three separate occasions, it appeared Grado could vanquish Samuels once and for all at Fear & Loathing VII. Holding one victory each from previous encounters, the sell out crowd at the world-renowned Glasgow Barrowlands were sure this would be the night when their underdog hero sent the mouthy Londoner packing.


During another incredibly even contest, Grado and Samuels were clearly eager to prove they were the better man, and it was quite the sight to behold the pair going at it fairly mid-ring. Sadly, such one-on-one fairness wasn't to last – none other than Martin Stone made his presence felt, eventually costing Grado the match, and helping his fellow Englishman secure victory.


Likely because of this, and due to the reaction of the crowd, furious at seeing such injustice, ICW management have confirmed that Grado will get the opportunity to seek his revenge on Stone, taking place in a shiny new venue for ICW. City Nightclub in Edinburgh will play host to a match now drenched in bitterness, as the promotion invades the East Coast for ICW: Fear & Lothian II.


Grado vs. Martin Stone would be a marquee event anywhere in the country as it is, but add such history to proceedings, and entering our fair capital city should come with a health warning. Needless to say, Grado and Stone will have words, and then kick the shit out of one another. The million dollar question is, what role will Sha Samuels play, and will there be explanation for this forged alliance?


ICW: Fear & Lothian II takes place at City Nightclub in Edinburgh, Scotland on Sunday, November 16th, 2014. Tickets are available now and If you think Edinburgh has a party on Hogmanay, just wait till you see what ICW brings to town.

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