Since reforming a few months ago, the New Age Kliq have seen it as their personal mission to either open the eyes of everyone involved with ICW, or see themselves burn with it, as they set their sights on destroying and entire company ethos.

This was never more evident than when the combined forces of the ICW tag team champions, Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn - and Dickie Divers - assaulted three of ICW's most beloved stars, in an attack being dubbed ''The Clydeside incident''. Mark Dallas, The Wee Man and Grado were all seriously injured in the attack, with the fan favourite from Ayrshire suffering the worst of the injuries, being run over by a car driven by the aforementioned Divers.

To add insult to injury, at ICW's biggest event to date, Fear and Loathing VI, the NAK entered the building to the sound of Grado's music, disappointing fans who thought he had been able to get himself fit enough to be a part of ICW's annual showcase. In reality, Grado had been recovering and rehabilitating in Las Vegas, Nevada, choosing instead to send a video package home, detailing his recovery and his thoughts on what happened during the attack.

As he often does, Grado has made the best out of a bad situation, getting himself re-aquainted with the international ICW fans, even meeting wrestling superstar, Bill Goldberg. While he seems to be in high spirits and well on his way to a full recovery, his focus and determination are not to be questioned. Grado, in his short tenure with ICW, has become a firm fan favourite, with storied battles against some of ICW's best under his belt, but this one against Dickie Divers feels very different. It would seem like the man 'fae the tap end ae Stevenson' has his sights set on any member of the NAK he can get his hands on. In this case, that person is Divers, the man responsible for costing Grado his appearance at Fear and Loathing VI.

How this match will pan out is, much like the NAK's next move, anyone's guess. The New Age Kliq aren't exactly known for sportsmanship, and have a documented history of match interference. On the flipside, Grado has fought against impressive odds and came out standing. The only way to find how this one will work out is to see it live in the nations capital, Studio 24 in the heart of Edinburgh.

Tickets are on sale NOW at Ticketmaster UK and Tickets Scotland. (Please remember, this is a smaller venue, so get your tickets fast to avoid disappointment!)