Carmel is well renowned for being tough as nails, and willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone put in front of her, but at Fear & Lothian, she will step into the ring with a woman who is out for vengeance; Bête Noire.

After trying to convince her tag team partner, Kay Lee Ray, to level Noire with the Fierce Females Championship belt during their tag team match last month, Carmel attempted to take matters into her own hands by delivering the cheap shot herself. Kay Lee attempted to put a stop to the deed by striking Carmel with the belt, but a quick dodge meant that the Fierce Females champion hit Bête Noire instead, knocking her out cold and leaving her with a concussion, as well as severe bruising. While Ray was clearly upset by the events that transpired, Carmel simply saw the mistake as an opening to score the winning pinfall, and showed little concern for her fallen opponent's well-being.

With her bruises faded, and her desire for retribution at a high, Bête will now get the chance to take on Carmel one-on-one in Edinburgh at ICW: Fear & Lothian. With her injuries no doubt causing her great pain and frustration, will Bête unleash an unstoppable fury on her way to victory? Or will Carmel be able to use her unrivalled skill and cunning to once again stand with her hand raised in the ICW ring?

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