By Amanda Seymour

In the world of Insane Championship Wrestling, there is always an expected high level of violence. Given the hardcore nature of the promotion, there is always a risk that someone will be seriously hurt. Events over the past few days however, have taken things to an altogether different level.

A horrifying video was discovered on the Clydeside; featuring Insane Championship Wrestling's owner, Mark Dallas and fan favourites Graeme 'Grado' Stevely and Neil 'Wee Man' Bratchpiece as they were filming content to hype the upcoming event, Fear and Loathing VI: Welcome To Bat Country, before being viciously attacked by the current ICW tag team champions Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn. The images in the video are nothing short of terrifying, showing Grado being hit by a car, the Wee Man being beaten down to the ground - and repeatedly kicked and punched - and Mark Dallas having his head slammed in a car door.

As our previous report stated, the New Age Kliq (comprising of Renfrew and Gunn) assaulted the three men in what is now being described as 'The Clydeside Incident'. There is still no word from any of the victims at this time. Grado, Wee Man and Dallas have been unreachable, and there is no news on their injuries or condition. However, this has not stopped one ICW favourite having a serious problem with their actions. At the time of writing, the former Zero G Champion, Wolfgang has had enough and has challenged the entire NAK to a match at Fear and Loathing VI.

If the New Age Kliq accept the challenge, it will be an entirely unsanctioned match. There has been no sign off from the ICW offices on this contest, due to there being no management available to either talk Wolfgang out of what is clearly a very dangerous situation, or to decline his request for the match altogether. It is safe to say that at this point, however, Wolfgang doesn't care. The only thing on his mind is revenge for his close friends. His protest at the NAK's heinous actions over the past few days has caused him to set his sights firmly on the New Age Kliq, and he'll do whatever he can to exact revenge for their attack.

To reiterate, there has been no update on the condition of Mark Dallas, Wee Man or Grado. At the time of release, the BBC, who until today were filming ICW events for a documentary, has also continued to withhold comment on the incident.

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