Mark Coffey vs Solar (ICW Zero G Championship)

On paper this match looked like it should have been an easy win for Coffey on his fist defence of his championship title but the high flying Solar had other ideas for how this match would go.

A consistent stream of momentum seemed hard for either man to attain as the match swayed back and forth in the opening stages. Eventually, it was Coffee who would gain the upper hand in the match and keep Solar grounded for a sustained period to stop him from doing any of his high octane offence.

Solar did eventually manage to get himself back into the match and took the fight to the champion but it was to be his daredevil style that would be his downfall as he injured his knee doing a suicide dive.

After a quick assessment from the officials at ringside the match was stopped due to injury.

Winner and still ICW Zero G Champion – Mark Coffey

Viper & Bete Noir vs Kay Lee Ray & Carmel

A match that was originally billed to have the tag team of Sara and Carmel teaming together ended up seeing the best of enemies team up to take on Viper and Bete Noir.

Fierce Females Champion Kay Lee Ray was called in to team with Carmel after Sara had to pull out of the event late on. Given the heated past between the new partners it promised to be a unique match from the outset.

On more than one occasion Kay Lee Ray had to assist the referee with restraining her partner as she ignored 5 counts to try and gain some advantage with the underhand tactics. There was some definite hostility growing in the new partnership the longer the match went on.

Viper paid the price for going high risk as she was thrown from the top turnbuckle right into the crowd, a move that effectively ended her involvement as an influence in the match. This left Noir in a two on one situation with the infighting team of Carmel and Ray.

Tensions flared between the tag team after Kay Lee stopped Carmel from using the Fierce Females title to win the match. This resulted in Carmel slapping her partner across the face. Kay Lee had enough after that and went after Carmel with the title. Carmel ducked the title hit and an unfortunately placed Noir ate the belt. A shocked Kay Lee looked on as Carmel picked up the pinfall.

Winners – Carmel & Kay Lee Ray

Noam Dar vs Andy Wild

Noam Dar made his much anticipated return to ICW on Sunday but things didn't go to plan for the promising youngster as his match ended in controversy.

Dar and Andy Wild put on a great match for the people in attendance with both men picking up numerous close falls after pulling out all the stops as they try to push themselves back up the ladder in the company.

Wild's frustrations at not being able to pin Dar started to show as he tried to use the ropes for leverage on his pin but could still only manage a two count. Again Wild went with cheap tactics and hooked the tights of Dar for what looked to be another two count. After a few seconds of confusion, the referee awarded the bout to Wild much to the dislike of Noam and his supporters.

Winner – Andy Wild

After the match Dar grabbed the microphone and criticised the "Indian Earl Hebner" over the call.

David The Beloved's confession time with Leah Owens

David the Beloved had another night to forget as his planned confession with Leah Owens took a turn in the completely wrong direction as far as he was concerned.

Owens, a well-known lover of the "Taps Aff" mentality duped the beloved one into believing she was ready to account for her sins only for her to strip down to her bra in the middle of the ring. As Leah threatened to remove her bra though, David had seen enough and assaulted her.

Leah's sister then came to the ring to make the save and dispose of David and his ways for another night.

James Scott vs Jimmy Havoc vs Rhino

Wrestling legend Rhino made his ICW debut in a three way dance match against Jimmy Havoc and James Scott. The man beast came out to a thunderous ovation from over one thousand fans as history was made in the ABC.

The match lived up to the hype as all three men showed why they are so highly valued in the industry.

James Scott showed his outstanding strength and agility with a series of great suplexes including a lightning quick one from the top rope on Havoc.

Havoc showcased his hardcore style as well as his high flying ability with a unique array of attacks on his opponents.

Rhino….. well Rhino is Rhino and showed just why he has been so successful in his career with his quickness, agility and freakish strength.

After some outstanding action from the three men it was Rhino who took the upper hand as he pounced on an opportunity and hit a trademark gore on Scott and Havoc to send both men through a table at the same time. Scott showed his toughness though and somehow kicked out of the pin.

That was to be Scott's last involvement in the match as Havoc caught Rhino off guard before placing a chair across the man beasts chest and delivering a double stomp to it from the top rope.

Winner – Jimmy Havoc

After the match Havoc and Rhino hugged in the ring to the delight of the ICW fans.

NAK vs Gold Label

What was originally set out to be an unsanctioned 3 on 1 match with Wolfgang vs NAK turned out to be a shock return of one of the greatest factions in ICW history.

NAK came to the ring to the theme of Grado as they mocked the man they jumped and assaulted before running him over in broad daylight. Wolfgang then made his way to the ring to a huge roar from the crowd.

Just as the NAK were about to make their attack there was a sudden blast of music and after months of random appearances, Lionheart was back in an ICW ring. Mark Dallas then came out to reluctantly inform the crowd that he had re-signed Red Lightning and this match would now be a fully sanctioned 6 man tag.

During the match there was clear tension and hostility between Lightning and his partners but it didn't stop them being more than a match for the most feared group of men in ICW right now.

The match ended in controversial circumstances as Lightning's attempt to hit Dickie Divers with the plate from the Tag Team titles backfired and he hit Lionheart by accident. While still shocked from the incident Divers capitalised and rolled up Lighting for the win.

Winners – New Age Klik

After the match Wolfgang and Lionheart very vocally and physically showed their dismay to a distraught Lightning.

Robbie Dynamite vs Joe Coffey

This match started off at a slow tempo as these two powerhouses tried to grind each other down with some classic wrestling moves. None of the men were giving an inch though in the battle for early control as the ICW faithful ate up every move as these men put down the feelers for a wrestling masterclass.

It became clear pretty quickly that it was going to take much more than that for one of these grapplers to come out on top and the match quickly escalated into a great feast of wrestling.

Both men showed there amazing agility for their size as well as their ability to execute picture perfect suplexes as both mens power came into effect.

The match then came to a rapid end after a series of moves saw the momentum sway back and forth before Joe Coffey laid out his opponent with a crunching clothesline for a hard earned win.

Winner – Joe Coffey

Buckie Boys vs Fight Club vs Sumerian Death Squad (No1 Contender Match)

The biggest grudge match in the tag division took on a new look as Fight Club joined in as the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships were decided.

As ever with the tag division, the match went by at a lightning quick tempo with some amazing skill being displayed. From double team moves to high risk moves to dives from inside the crowd, this match really did have it all.

After a gruelling twenty minutes or so of action ICW owner Mark Dallas had to intervene as Liam Thomson of Fight Club threatened to stab one of the Buckie Boys with a bottle of buckfast. Security were ordered to escort them from the arena and the match became a plain and simple tag team match.

It was the Death Squad who adjusted better to this and after taking out Davey Boy they turned their attentions to Stevie. After hitting him with a powerful double move it looked like we had our winners but Stevie showed his grit by kicking out. There was to be no kick out though after he was quickly planted with a crushing brainbuster for the pinfall.

Winners and new Number 1 Contenders – Sumerian Death Squad

Jack Jester vs Mikey Whiplash (ICW Heavyweight Championship)

The main event of the evening saw possibly the biggest grudge match in ICW history take place as Mikey Whiplash defended his title against Jack Jester.

There was no remorse shown in this match at all as both men showed their hate for each other in a brutally physical match that saw both men bleed during the match.

Whiplash came to the ring with a noose and it quickly backfired as Jester used it as a very effective weapon on his rival. In return Whiplash used Jesters signature corkscrew to draw blood from the head of Jester.

The match eventually spilled out into the crowd and after fighting their way through the fans, upto the bar, on the bar and back through the crowd it was Jester who took the upper hand as he set Whiplash up on a table at the side of the stage before delivering a crashing elbow drop to send Whiplash through the wood.

The referee managed to get the competitors back into the ring where it went back to a back and forth match. Jester then set up his corkscrew on the turnbuckle and after numerous attempts from both men to use the weapon it was Jester who seized an opportunity to pin Whiplash with a school boy.

Winner and new ICW Heavyweight Champion – Jack Jester