It was a usual Saturday Afternoon in the middle of George's Square with the same old mix of pensioners, shoppers and foriegn tourists making their way through Glasgow when two of ICW's own kicked off something that drew the attention of the entire area. Wolfgang and Davey Boy (of the Bucky Boys) stood toe to toe with each other before they stripped down to their wrestling gear and began a shoving match. These two men would have been enough of a spectacle themselves, but ICW doesn't do anything by halves.

As the quarrel went ahead, both men produced massive feather pillows and started smashing each other in the head with them, prompting a mass of ICW fans to follow suit, running in from all directions. Armed with their own artillery, they joined in with Wolfy and Davey Boy, forming a massive pillow fighting flash mob that took over one side of George's Square. Bodies, pillow and feathers flew in every possible direction as the group swung their weapons of choice as the shouted and roared in the middle of the city center, bringing George's Square to a standstill in the presence of a bemused BBC camera-crew who continue to film footage for the documentary detailing the success of the promotion in the run up to Fear and Loathing VI.

In true Insane Championship Wrestling style, it was a fast, violent and hard hitting display that left remnants of flyers, feathers and fans all over the newly re-surfaced ground of George's Square with witnesses to the event utterly shocked, thrilled and horrified with the madness. Today was just a little fun for the ICW family. It was a great way of promoting Fear And Loathing while hanging out and doing something stupid. For ICW as a promotion, it as something more. It was a way for Insane Championship Wrestling to show Glasgow; to show Scotland and to show the world that it will do whatever it takes to get the message ICW is trying to deliver out there. Insane Championship is a growing, evolving, living and breathing creature that is hungry for the next big step. More people every day are being introduced to it whether it is through social media, YouTube, dressing The Wellington Monument in Glasgow in an ICW shirt and traffic cone or by staging a massive pillow fight in the middle of Glasgow kitted out in ICW shirts. The World Will know about Insane Championship Wrestling... whether it wants to or not.

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