Stacey Short

As these girls lock horns, it's sure to be explosive! Viper and Bete Noir have faced off in very physical matches; both at Fierce Females debut show and again in February at ICW Tramspotting, and have now joined forces to ensure that Carmel and Sara get what they deserve after their vicious beat down last month.

Carmel and Sara, who have history spanning many years - both as team mates and also rivals - re-aligned after Carmel opened Sara's eyes to the disgraceful way she was being treated by David The Beloved.

As the enlightened one prepares to address his congregation, what will David The Beloved have to say about the fact that he has seemingly been ditched by Sara?

The only way to find out what happens is to be there, live and in living colour, at Fear & Loathing VI! Tickets are on sale NOW at,, and the O2 ABC box office and website, priced at £15 each!