Cat Ward

On the night of ICW's largest event to date, the entire fiery roster had to bring all they had in order to impress the rowdy ICW crowd. Typically, the 'Fierce Females' were no exception. Hosted in Glasgow's O2 ABC, Fear & Loathing VI showcased the girls on top form in a tag-team match.

The incendiary team of Viper and Bete Noire – both with reputations for being relentless and malevolent – took on Carmel Jacobs and ICW Fierce Females Champion, Kay Lee Ray, after the resident 'good-girl', Sara failed to attend the event and required replacement. Nonetheless, who better a partner than the Champ herself?

On paper, this was a match that would perhaps go in the favour of Carmel and Kay Lee, however it's widely known that both have shared a colourful and bitter history over the years. The pair have battled out their grievances many times in brutal matches, most recently at 'ICW: Dave's Not Here Man' in Edinburgh. After Kay Lee defeated Carmel once more in the capital city, it looked like this long-burning feud was all but over. With that in mind, it was therefore a little surprising to see them as a tandem!

At Fear & Loathing VI, the match kicked off quickly, with Viper and Noire giving everything they had against their opponents and even dominating the match in the early going. Both teams fought their corner, with all the energy and ferocity we've come to expect from the females of ICW. Some time into the match, predictably, things started to fall apart for Carmel and Kay Lee. Their heated history proved too strong to overcome, quarrelling amongst themselves, giving Bete Noire an opening for a close near fall.

Irate and feeling her erratic partner was on the verge of costing her a share of the winner's purse, Ray attempted to smack Carmel with her Fierce Females Title. With a lick of bad timing of her part, and perhaps luck on Carmel's, it was the unfortunate Noire who took the hit to the skull, knocking her to the ring floor, thus allowing Carmel to get the pin and secure victory.

Badly injured by the crack to the head, Noire was forced to seek the medical attention available at a local hospital, and can currently be seen sporting a large bump on her forehead. Also visible, the shape of the ICW Fierce Females belt was left imprinted on her forehead. Ironically, Noire would be aiming for a shot at the very same title, but this was more than she bargained for! As for Kay Lee Ray and Carmel, only time will tell if these two grudging girls will be able to forgive and forget. Don't hold your breath!