By George Murray

As far as debuts go in professional wrestling, David The Beloved's, it's fair to say, will not go down as one of the greats. From foolishly interrupting the owner of ICW, Mark Dallas, to receiving a devilish looking slam to the mat from a spontaneously-returning Lionheart, it will probably go down as a night to forget for the man who calls himself a "saviour."

At Fear & Loathing VI, David will have a second chance to put his message across to the masses, as he welcomes Leah Owens to account for her sins, offering to lead her to a better life under his guidance.

Given that one of the last times we saw Leah in an ICW arena she was crowd surfing in her bra and panties after a match with Nikki Storm, it looks as though this Fierce Female is not yet ready to embrace the lifestyle of the 'Beloved' one.

Two very different characters will come face to face at Fear & Loathing and there is only one way to see how it will all unfold. The name of the event itself may well describe this segment of the show perfectly. David shows no 'fear', but Leah Owens may just show plenty of 'loathing'.

Tickets for the biggest extravaganza in the history of ICW are on sale NOW at,, and the O2 ABC box office and website. All tickets are priced at £15.