The road to the biggest night in ICW history is almost at an end, and everyone is ecstatic with excitement. From giving Glasgow landmarks an insane makeover, to causing mass pillow-fights in George Square, ICW is a real talking point in Scotland this weekend.

With the hours counting down to the monumental Fear & Loathing VI, ICW owner Mark Dallas took some time out of his hectic schedule to talk to about how much the coming event means to him…and he even brought Davey Boy along with him!

Both men are understandably excited about Fear & Loathing and have absolutely no problem showing it. "It's hard to comprehend how much the company has grown in such a short space of time. To see where we've come from, to where we are now is absolutely fantastic!" said an obviously thrilled Dallas. "I absolutely can't wait for Sunday night! Ives always dreamed of having on our name on the ABC sign, it's going to be there on Sunday! It's mind-blowing!".

Davey also showed his eagerness for Sunday to come, saying "To be part of Fear & Loathing VI is massive! It's honestly like Wrestlemania for me! The Bucky Boys are taking part in a properly big match, and fuck knows how we're going to step our game up! All I'll say is, wait till you see what we do at Fear & Loathing! It'll take you right out of your shoes!"

While the night is huge for the company as a whole, the night is also a massive pay-off for Dallas, who made a gamble all those years ago to give his heart and soul to an idea he had. When asked how important Fear & Loathing VI is for him personally, Dallas was open and honest, saying "For me, this is vindication that everything I believed this company could be was right! Besides from my son being born, this is the most important night of my life, and that's no understatement!". He quickly pointed out however, that ICW's growth was a team effort, and the rewards are for everyone involved, saying "I'm so proud of what the company has accomplished, and how hard the roster have worked to get us to this point. They deliver at every single show, and that's why people keep coming back every single month. Whether it's one guy in the crowd, or 1000 people, everyone pays their money, and deserves to see the best show possible, and the ICW roster gives the fans that, each and every time!"

And for those who may still be undecided about attending Fear & Loathing VI, Dallas had only one thing to say: "At Fear & Loathing VI, you're going to see the birth of a juggernaut! So get on the bandwagon, or get run the fuck over!"

The only way to find out what happens is to be there, live and in living colour, at Fear & Loathing VI! Tickets are on sale NOW at,, and the O2 ABC box office and website, priced at £15 each!