By Scott Reid
Posted On 13-05-2014 14:57 GMT

With England recently bearing witness to the ICW experience, it’s time to return to familiar territory, as ICW: Up and Atom takes place on May 25th at Studio 24 in Edinburgh. While Studio 24 may still have only played host to a handful of ICW events thus far, it has been proven on almost every occasion that Studio 24 brings out something special in the entire ICW roster whenever they step into the venue.

When Insane Championship Wrestling first made its way to Studio 24 for ICW: Tramspotting, anticipation was through the roof. While many of the Glasgow crowd made the trip to Scotland’s capital for the event, there was a noticeable number of new faces in the audience, looking to experience the growing phenomenon of ICW. They would not leave the venue disappointed that night, as many huge, even iconic, moments took place on that fateful evening. Before they would eventually reform the New Age Kliq, Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn were embroiled in a white hot feud that seemed to be spiralling out of control, and at ICW: Tramspotting, a contract signing was set between the two men to book a match at ICW: Get To Da Choppa. Contract signings in wrestling rarely end calmly, but what took place in Studio 24 that night was difficult for almost everyone in attendance to watch. BT Gunn looked to attack Mark Dallas, but Chris Renfrew ran to the aid of the ICW owner, only to be brutally stabbed in the head and mercilessly beaten by the demented Gunn. Renfrew has been involved in some truly violent moments in ICW, but at ICW: Tramspotting, Chris was left lying in a pool of his blood, barely able to stand, after an attack which has left him physically scarred to this day.

That same night, an Intergender Tag Deathmatch was set to take place, with the team of Jack Jester & Kay Lee Ray taking on Mikey Whiplash & Carmel. This contest was fuelled by a lot of bad blood, but no-one could have predicted the lengths that Mikey Whiplash would go to in order to pick up the victory. Kay Lee Ray attempted a move from the top rope onto Mikey, but Whiplash was able to catch the ‘Queen of Hardcore’ in mid-air, and proceeded to powerbomb her from the ring onto a wall over 10 feet away! Every single fan in attendance was left speechless, wondering if Kay Lee was even alive, but true to her moniker, the Queen of Hardcore got up and battled on in a display of unquestionable bravery and guts.

ICW would not return to Studio 24 until November 2013, for ICW: Fear & Lothian. Some truly great matches took place that night, but when the dust had settled, and all was said and done, Fear & Lothian was the night of The Coffeys. Joe and Mark Coffey were well on their way up the ICW ladder by November 2013, but at Fear & Lothian, they both competed in separate singles matches that showed exactly why they are touted as two of the best in the ICW locker room. Early in the night, Joe Coffey took on James Scott in the first of their series of matches. While their later meetings where show-stealing matches in their own right, it was their initial encounter which set the bar for their intense rivalry. Known as two of the most technically sound grapplers in the country today, Scott and Coffey put submission holds aside for the night, and battled like only two gladiators can, beating each other senseless in an extremely intense contest. In the end, Joe Coffey delivered a vicious Discus Lariat to pick up the win, beginning his road to becoming ICW’s ‘Iron Man’.

Never to be out-done, Mark Coffey would later defend his Zero-G Championship against former title-holder, Noam Dar. Two of the best young wrestlers in Scotland, Coffey and Dar personified the Zero-G division at ICW: Fear & Lothian, putting on a match which had fans on edge from start to finish. Fast, exciting and a wonder to watch, Mark and Noam delivered a match which many people deemed ‘Match of the Night’, but it was Coffey who would have his hand raised and walk out with the Zero-G Championship around his waist. Opinion is still split between fans on whether Joe/James or Mark/Noam was the superior match that night, but at ICW: Fear & Lothian, both Coffey brothers proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are two of the top competitors in ICW today!

Most recently, Studio 24 played host to ICW: The Goggles They Do Nothing!, an event which looked to step things up even further in Edinburgh. For the first time ever, Edinburgh would witness the match that, in many people’s opinions, put ICW on the map: The Street Fight. Violent, unpredictable and dangerous for all involved, the Street Fight is a match undertaken by only the most extreme competitors, and on this occasion, it was The New Age Kliq, Wolfgang and the Bucky Boys who would step up to do battle. The New Age Kliq has made bitter enemies out of Wolfgang & The Bucky Boys, and that bad blood was never more evident than that intense night in Studio 24. Battling all over the venue, and even into the street, all 6 men through caution to the wind in what became an all-out war. Everything from skateboard ramps, street signs and delivery cages where used as weapons, but in the end, the New Age Kliq proved their dominance once again to pick up the win. This match was so wild that the local Police were even called to the venue to control the madness!

These moments are but a taster of the mayhem that has gone down in Studio 24 in the past, and at ICW: Up and Atom, it is almost a certainty that the dark, intimate setting of Studio 24 will awaken the madness of the ICW roster once again, and you can be sure that something insane will happen! This is an event you will not want to miss!

ICW: Up and Atom takes place on May 25th at Studio 24 in Edinburgh. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster, and Tickets-Scotland

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