Drew Galloway Returns!
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 01-08-2014 16:41 GMT
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Hyperbole in professional wrestling is nothing new – every promotion under the sun wants their fanbase to be happy, and great lengths have been visited to ensure a positive response to what is presented. In ICW, the fans never leave any show with disappointed words on their lips, and there were thousands of shit-eating grins around Glasgow's city centre, and indeed the world, following the conclusion of ICW: Shug's Hoose Party this past Sunday.

Jack Jester rose from the mat, successful once more in defending his ICW Heavyweight Title, this time against the dangerous commodity known as Martin Stone. The capacity crowd of over one thousand loyal in the O2 ABC celebrated alongside their champion, pleased to have a champ they can truly believe in.

From out of nowhere, The NAK attacked; BT Gunn, Dickie Divers and Darkside all desperate to soften up Jester for their stablemate, the number one contender for the Heavyweight belt, Chris Renfrew. Dragging a referee with him, the maniacal Renfrew decreed that this was the night on which he'd cash in his Square Go privileges. With his pack of wolves tearing at the proverbial flesh of the champion, how could he fail in achieving his goal of becoming the champion ICW fans fear?

Spitting viciously at Jester, Renfrew stated that there was nobody coming to save the beaten titleholder. Simply put, there was no-one left in the ICW locker room who wanted to incur the wrath of The NAK. As if by magic, the lights went out, and scrambled cries were heard from all NAK members, for the first time showing hesitance at having control ripped from their collective grasp.

Like a flame of fire burning at the group's asserted dominance over ICW, Drew Galloway appeared in the ring, peeling off a hoody before handily dispatching The NAK one by one. His blows were ones of incredible power, and the hyenas had been treated with the same disdain they've shown everyone else. Helping Jack Jester to his feet, the first ever ICW Heavyweight Champion treated his friend, the current champion, with respect.

Such aid didn't last, as the world-famous star lashed out at his companion with crushing kicks, pleading with Jester to stay prone whilst he addressed the audience. Reinforcing that he was back in ICW to make a statement, Galloway seemed to intimate that by holding the ICW Heavyweight Title, he could take the entire company to places it had never been before.

Few can argue with the convincing nature of his words, but in attacking one of his best allies, Drew may have just made a powerful enemy. ICW has changed since the decorated grappler last entered an insane ring, but only time will tell whether or not Galloway can turn heavyweight promises into heavyweight gold.

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