Drew Galloway: Fear & Loathing VII Will Change Our Lives
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 17-10-2014 21:12 GMT
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Jack Jester vs. Drew Galloway for the ICW Heavyweight Title at Fear & Loathing VII on Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 will be a life-threatening, and life-changing occasion, according to the challenger. During an eery sit-down interview with lead ICW announcer, Billy Kirkwood at Insane Championship Wrestling HQ recently, Drew Galloway gave his parting words to his former-friend, Jester, before the pair clash at the Barrowlands.

The atmosphere could not have been more different to the last time Kirkwood sat down with Galloway, who was all smiles during an extra-special Q&A session at BOX in Glasgow's city centre just one month ago. That was of course before the colour drained from his face, confronted by Jack Jester, who ended up in a pull-apart brawl with the man he once dubbed his best friend.

Claiming he was doing what he “had to do” for ICW when he crash-landed back in the promotion on July 27th at ICW: Shug's Hoose Party, attacking the champion and slamming him off the stage through a stack of tables, Galloway struck a haunted expression as he delivered the following diatribe to the cameras.

“He threatened to set me on fire in front of my fucking family”, Galloway spat. “Then he showed up, after doing that, and talked about my family again. I'm not proud of my reaction, but I'll stand by it – I threatened to stab him, I threatened to come to his house. I stand by everything I did, but I did not want things to go this way, there's no way I can be in a building with that man, Mark Dallas made that choice – when did Insane Championship Wrestling become too insane for Mark Dallas? He doesn't know the half of it, how far I'm willing to go”.

In an interesting turn of events, Galloway has been banned from the building for ICW's upcoming debut in Birmingham, ICW: Ringo's Despair takes place this coming Sunday, October 19th. On that event, Jack Jester will defend his ICW Heavyweight Title against the ever-dangerous Jimmy Havoc, posing the intriguing question of what might happen should Havoc capture the belt before Galloway and Jester lock horns on November 2nd. For Galloway, he wants Jack Jester no matter what.

“We're at the point now where things are going to happen that are gonna' change our lives, forever”, Galloway continues. “I came in as a business man to help ICW get to the next level, and it's got more than personal. I'll get the title, I don't care who has it, it's going to be me and Lee at the Barrowlands, that's all I care about right now, nothing matters but that”.

“What have you done? I'm scared to let my family come to this show. You better kiss your little nephew, tell your family how you feel about them, because I'm gonna' do the same. We're not gonna' be the same after this match. I'm taking that title, or I'll fucking die trying. You may have forgotten about this, but I haven't, November 2nd is one day before the 2nd anniversary my mother passed. This match is for her; if you think it's got extreme now, you don't even know, man”.

With that, Drew Galloway left the building, and the upcoming match between he and Jack Jester somehow got even more emotional. Stay with InsaneWrestling.co.uk, and follow ICW on Twitter @InsaneChampWres for up-to-the-minute information, as this incredibly powerful story continues to develop.

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