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By Jeffery Berry
Posted On 29-01-2015 12:00 GMT
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There is that age old term that anything can happen in wrestling. Especially when it comes to ICW. Within the confines of an ICW event we have seen acts transpire that are almost too strange to believe. On Sunday the 25th of January 2015 such an event took place. No I am not referring to Grado using a Haggis as a weapon,I am referring to the winner of the match. Was it the Beast of Belfast Damo? Perhaps it was the outspoken leader of Polo Promotions Jackie Polo? No, it was Dickie Divers. Your eyes don't deceive you, the winner of the 2015 Square Go match thus earning a shot at the ICW title at any time of his choosing is Dickie Divers. Yes THAT Dickie Divers.

Going into the match Dickie Divers would have been considered far from a favourite to win the match. Even though he runs in a pack with the New age Kliq on that evening all of the other Kliq members had prior arrangements. Darkside is currently on the injured list,whereas both BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew respectively competed in the biggest matches in each mans career earlier in that evening, it would seem Divers stood alone in his quest to become number one contender and considering the NAKs antics over the past 18 months, Divers had no friends in the match.

The luck of the draw worked to Divers advantage when he drew number 25. As he was set to make his entrance he decided against entering the ring as at that the time this newly formed "firm" was standing tall in the ring laying waste to everyone in their path. Divers being more than familiar with these sort of tactics opted to stay safe and not enter the ring joining Billy Kirkwood and Sean David at the commentary position.

It wasn't until entrant number 27 made his way to the ring that Dickie Divers became physically involved in the contest. As the Wee man introduced his cousin Stevey Boy to the match Divers, who has long documented issues with The Bucky Boys dating all the way back to 2011, placed his hands on the Wee man from behind Stevey Boy, who had double the luck drawing a weapon, clocked Divers with a frying pan. After taking several shots to the head and face with a solid steel cooking utensil, Divers was thrown into the ring and officially entered the contest.

Mark Coffey entered at number 28 but it was entrant number 29 who would make one of the biggest impacts of the contest, Big Damo who entered with the steel chair. Damo showed a match like this is custom built for a man of his stature as he quickly disposed of Stevey Boy, Mark Coffey and Kenny Williams. As he squared up to Kid Fite and Martin Kirby, their new boss, or manager or whatever their situation is, James R Kennedy, advised his men to fight another day and exit the contest. This would leave just Damo, Joe Hendry and Dickie Divers in the match with one one contender set to enter.

As the clock counted to zero and the sound of glass breaking filled the arena, number 30 Stone Cold Bobby Roberts made his way through the curtain. It was indeed Card Subject to change
though as Chris Renfrew, who had been unsuccesful in his quest to become ICW heavyweight champion earlier that evening, attacked Roberts from behind and took his place. The numbers were now in the NAK's advantage as 50% of the men in the ring represented the devious faction. They soon made their numbers count to their advantage as they took down Joe Hendry. This advantange would not last long though as Damo used his size to throw both Dickie Divers and Joe Hendry over the top rope. Joe Hendrys feet hit the floor eliminating him from the contest but Dickie Divers hung on remaining in the contest, Damo and Renfrew unaware this had transpired. As Damo seemed set to eliminate Renfrew, Divers snuck back in the contest eliminating the 300 pounds monster.

It was down to the final two, Chris Renfrew and Dickie Divers. Both NAK members. This presented an interesting situation. How would this play out?

It was no secret that within the ranks of the NAK Chris Renfrew outranked Divers. In fact every other NAK member outranked Dickie Divers, he was often viewed as the "Ringo" of the group. Here was an opportunity to step out of his peers shadows and stand tall as his own man and become the number one contender to the most prized possesion in Wrestling today, the ICW heavyweight title. As both men stood face to face, it seemed Renfrew insrtucted Divers to exit the ring as this was his time. Divers obliged and went to exit the ring but then he stopped, the realistion of the opportunity he was about to throw away seemingly donning on him It wouldn't be that easy. Renfrew then threw up the NAK sign before embracing his brother with a hug. It seemed the NAK were a unit no matter what happened. That was until Renfrew dropped Divers with the Stoner. It seemed the contest was a foregone conclusion when Renfrew threw Divers at the top rope, but Divers reversed sending Renfrew over the top rope. Renfrew hung on then charged at Divers and in that split second history was made as Divers low bridged Renfrew sending over the top rope to the floor leaving Divers the sole survivornand winner of the fourth annual Square Go.

If anyone had placed odds on Divers winning the Square Go match and placed a beat, the returns would have been more than substantial. There is no doubt Divers was considered a rank outsider to win. This came at the cost though, that cost being the NAK.

Chris Renfrew and Dickie Divers have had what can be descirbed as a very love/hate relationship. Renfrew would often blame Divers in loss or even go as far as to set him up, examples being matches against Jonny Moss and Sha Samuels in late 2014. It seemed they had turned a corner in their relationship with Renfrew embracing Divers finally fully accepting him as one of their own.NAK 4 Life. In one swift moment all of this may have changed forever.

This has left many unanwered questions as what will happen with the NAK, questions Im sure will be answered in the upcoming ICW events. What we do know for now though is that Dickie Divers is the winner of the 2015 Square Go and number one contender for the ICW title. Stranger things can happen...but I can't think of anything much stranger or shocking to ever happen in an ICW ring.

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