By Scott Reid

'Sports Agent to the Stars' James R. Kennedy does not accept anything but the very best in his ranks. First arriving in ICW as the representative of 'The Teen Sensation' Christopher, Kennedy has made it his mission to take the very best "Sports-Entertainers" to the top of the ICW ladder. Most recently, he has acquired the services of 'The Local Hero' Joe Hendry, and the high-flying wonder Kenny Williams. Joe Hendry's desire for success is one rivalled only by Kennedy and, despite the tension between Kenny Williams and JRK, Kenny can get the job done in the ring, coupling his speed and fearlessness with Hendry's strength and natural charisma.

Since his first day in ICW, Joe Hendry has found an enemy in 'The Beast of Belfast' Damo, who has taken exception to the Edinburgh-born competitors slandering on the mic. While a match between the two men never took place until ICW: Still Smokin, Joe found himself on the receiving end of more than a few beatings from the Irish monster, who destroyed Hendry at every opportunity. It seemed that no matter what, Joe Hendry would now never be safe from Damo. As he stood in the ring addressing the crowd, Hendry once again found himself face to face with his bearded tormentor, who had had enough, and demanded a match with Hendry there and then. With nowhere to run and no other choice, Hendry and Damo squared off, with Damo quickly gaining the physical advantage. James R. Kennedy and Kenny Williams attempted to interfere on Joe's behalf, but Damo was able to quickly dispose of them. It was then, however, that the game turned in Joe's favour. Appearing from nowhere, Kennedy's newest associate 'The Consequence' Timm Wylie appeared, spearing Damo and throwing his team on top of him for the victory. Few men can match Damo's strength in ICW, but Timm Wylie is a terrifying physical specimen who looks to be just as strong, if not stronger, than 'The Beast of Belfast'.

Now possessing Kenny's high-flying abilities, Joe Hendry's natural talent, and Timm Wylie's frightening power, James R. Kennedy may now be in a position to take ICW by storm. 'The Kennedy Administration', as the egotistical sports agent referred to it, have put the ICW roster on notice, and if they remain a cohesive and strong unit, it may not be long before James R. Kennedy finally adds some gold to his agency's trophy cabinet!